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St. Mawgan 1971

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Date: 18 September 1971

Made by: Peter Nicholson


WD365		Chipmunk T.10           Liverpool UAS
WD790           Meteor NF.11            RRE Pershore
XM349/68        Jet Provost T.3 	CFS
XP538/K         Gnat T.1                CFS
XP736/G         Lightning F.3           29 Squadron
XS729/G         Dominie t.1             6 FTS
XV258           Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
64-1013/AS      Phantom RF-4C           30 TRS/10 TRW
153446/LE       P-3B Orion              VP-11
14909/DP-Z      Northrop F-5B           718 Squadron
K-683           C-47                    Esk 721
10717           CP-107 Argus            404 Squadron
217/V           SP-2H Neptune           320 Squadron
253/v           Atlantic                321 Squadron
VP968           Devon C.1               26 Squadron
WD373           Chipmunk T.10           2 AEF
WK127           Canberra TT.18          7 Squadron
XF706/8089M     Shackleton MR.3
XG191/27        Hunter F.6              229 OCU
XP354           Whirlwind HAR.10        22 Squadron
XP503/03        Gnat T.1                4 FTS
XS778           Basset CC.1             207 Squadron
XS789           Andover CC.2            Queen's Flight
XV230           Nimrod MR.1             236 OCU
XV233           Nimrod MR.1             236 OCU
XV234           Nimrod MR.1             236 OCU
XV235           Nimrod MR.1             236 OCU
XV237           Nimrod MR.1             236 OCU
XV252           Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
XV255           Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
XV256           Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
XV257           Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
A-001           A-35XD Draken           Esk 725
54/BK           Noratlas                FAF
Flying Display:
XV698/CU-592    Sea King HAS.1          706 Squadron
XR567/B         Gnat T.1                CFS
WF371/S         Varsity T.1             5 FTS
WJ902/C         Varsity T.1             5 FTS
WL688/L         Varsity T.1             5 FTS
XS165/51        Hiller HT.2             705 Squadron
XM717           Victor SR.2             543 Squadron
XW291/84        Jet Provost T.5         CFS
XP805           Beaver AL.1             132 Flight
XV254           Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
WJ721           Canberra TT.18          7 Squadron
XF703/J         Shackleton MR.3         42 Squadron

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