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Bentwaters 1964

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Date: 23 May 1964

Made by: Ashley Annis


LIGHTNING F1A           XM173/C         56 SQN
JET PROVOST T4          XR707/45        2 FTS
ARGOSY C1               XR139           267 SQN
F-100D-45-NH            52821/C-2       48 TFW
VC-47D                  0-50943         81 TFW
T-33A                   0-29597         81 TFW
RB-66B                  40436           10 TRW
F-101C-50-MC            60027           81 TFW
C-130B-70-LM            12646           314 TCW

C-130B                  12639           314 TCW
RB-66B                  40446           10 TRW
RB-66B                  40524           10 TRW
RB-66B                  40528           10 TRW
RB-66B                  40531           10 TRW
ARGOSY C1               XN856           114 SQN
SHACKLETON MR3          XF701/E         206 SQN
F-101                   41462           81 TFW
F-101                   41473           81 TFW
F-101                   41476           81 TFW
F-101                   60035           81 TFW
HURRICANE IIC           LF363
SPITFIRE 19             PM631
JET PROVOST T4          XP550/41        CFS
JET PROVOST T4          XP551/42        CFS
JET PROVOST T4          XP552/43        CFS
JET PROVOST T4          XP553/44        CFS
JET PROVOST T4          XP554/45        CFS
JET PROVOST T4          XP571/47        CFS
T-39A-1-NA              24469           81 TFW
JET PROVOST T4          XP628/47        2 FTS
VALIANT B(PR)1          WZ396           543 SQN
VICTOR B1A              XH620
VULCAN B2               XM647

VARSITY T1              WJ886/23        CFS

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