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Mildenhall 1966

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Date: 21 May 1966

Made by: H.J. Curti

Updated:13 March 2023, Jean-Michel Schweitzer  

O.48251		C-47A		7513ABS
O.21085		C-124C		63MAW
O.52809		F-100D-46-NH	48TFW
10262		EC-135A		7120ACCS
40925		F-4C-25-MC	81TFW
39080		C-117D		NAF Mildenhall
39909		Beech UC-45J	NAF Mildenhall
141011		C-131F		NAF Mildenhall
152177/LD-5	P-3A-LO-60	VP-10
TG605		Hastings C1A	24sq
XP759/J		Lightning F3	23sq
XR142		Argosy C1	114sq

4x		F-100D		48TFW
24474		T-39A		48TFW
WE195/K		Canberra T4	231OCU
XH675		Victor B2A	Wittering
XP737/L		Lightning F3	23sq
XR540		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR986		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR991		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR992		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR994		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR995		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR996		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XS111		Gnat T1		Red Arrows

Fire fighting display:
O.91004		T-33A		fitted with tail section from O.18624

On airfield:
O.49409		C-47D		7513ABS
O.50940		C-47D		7513ABS
O.50943		C-47D		7513ABS
O.21066		C-124C		63MAW
O.37799		C-131B		RADC
53125		NKC-135A	RADC
10282		EC-135H		7120ACCS
O.20952		C-124C		63MAW
10293		EC-135A		7120ACCS
12673		WB-135B		55WRS/MAC
37817		C-130E		MAC/438MAW
17276		C-47H		NAF Mildenhall
12672		WC-135B		55WRS
50821		C-117D		NAF Mildenhall
25903		OV-1B		US Army
N718PA		B707		Pan Am

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