Photo: Philippe Devos

Photo: Philippe Devos

When the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) started multi-national flying operations in 1979 at Jever in Germany, no one could have imagined how military aviation in Central Europe would change over the next decades. The TLP always reflected the political and military changes from scenarios of the "Cold War" to "hot" conflicts within a globalised world. While at the beginning the TLP mainly consisted of aircrew drawn from the former Second and Fourth Allied Tactical Air Forces in Central and Western Europe, the withdrawal of Canadian Forces from Germany by 1993 slowly lead to a growing participation of South European NATO Air Forces.

With the TLP moving from Jever to a more central position at Florennes, Belgium, in 1989 and the continuing decrease of air forces in Europe, the Belgian host base became more and more attractive for aircraft enthusiasts from all over Europe. For many, the TLP not only featured the only large-scale multi-national air exercise taking place regularly from one single airbase in Europe, but also provided one of the few remaining chances for European aircraft enthusiasts to experience activities of a wide range of military aircraft during a day-trip.

However, this exercise has moved again, this time to Spain. From July 2009, the exercise has been hosted at Albacete-Los Llanos. During the years, the focus of the exercise has shifted and performing these exercises during night-time in large airspaces has becoming more important. As this was not possible at Florennes due to night-time restrictions and airspace restrictions, Deployed Flying Courses at other airfields were the only possibilities to exercise in the dark. At Albacete-Los Llanos, these facilities are possible during every exercise, next to improved weather conditions throughout the year.

With these pages we would like to provide valuable information for all plane spotters, photographers and enthusiasts interested in better understanding activities of the Tactical Leadership Programme and experiencing "successful" days at Albacete-Los Llanos.

Important note: A lot of information on the following pages is based on observations made while visiting Albacete-Los Llanos during various TLP flying courses. Please be aware that procedures of TLP flying operations might change at any time. We cannot give any guaranty that any future TLP flying course will be structured as outlined on the following pages.


TLP 2024 Overview

TLP 2024-1 START: 22-01-2024 END: 09-02-2023 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2024-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2024-3 START: 16-09-2024 END: 04-10-2024 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2024-4 START: 11-11-2023 END: 29-11-2023 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2023 Overview

TLP 2023-1 START: 13-02-2023 END: 03-03-2023 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2023-2 CANCELLED    
RESCUE MISSION 2023 START: 05-06-2023 END: 16-06-2023 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2023-3 CANCELLED    
TLP 2023-4 START: 13-11-2023 END: 01-12-2023 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2022 Overview

TLP 2022-1 START: 14-02-2022 END: 04-03-2022 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2022-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2022-3 START: 12-09-2022 END: 30-09-2022  Albacete, Spain 
TLP 2022-4 START: 14-11-2022 END: 02-12-2022 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2021 Overview

TLP 2021-1 CANCELLED    
TLP 2021-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2021-3 START: 13-09-2021 END: 01-10-2021 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2021-4 START: 15-11-2021 END: 03-12-2021 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2020 Overview

TLP 2020-1 START: 10-02-2020 END: 28-02-2020 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2020-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2020-3 CANCELLED    
TLP 2020-4 CANCELLED    

TLP 2019 Overview

TLP 2019-1 START: 11-02-2019 END: 28-02-2019 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2019-2 START: 27-05-2019 END: 14-06-2019 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2019-3 START: 16-09-2019 END: 04-10-2019 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2019-4 START: 04-11-2019 END: 22-11-2019 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2018 Overview

TLP 2018-1 START: 29-01-2018 END: 23-02-2018 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2018-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2018-3 START: 10-09-2018 END: 05-10-2018 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2018-4 START: 19-11-2018 END: 14-12-2018 Amendola, Italy

TLP 2017 Overview

TLP 2017-1 START: 30-01-2017 END: 24-02-2017 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2017-2 START: 24-04-2017 END: 19-05-2017 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2017-3 START: 11-09-2017 END: 06-10-2017 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2017-4 START: 06-11-2017 END: 01-12-2017 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2016 Overview

TLP 2016-1 START: 18-01-2016 END: 11-02-2016 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2016-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2016-3 START: 12-09-2016 END: 07-10-2016 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2016-4 START: 07-11-2016 END: 02-12-2016 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2015 Overview

TLP 2015-1 START: 19-01-2015 END: 13-02-2015 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2015-2 CANCELLED    
TLP 2015-3 START: 14-09-2015 END: 09-10-2015 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2015-4 START: 09-11-2015 END: 04-12-2015 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2014 Overview

TLP 2014-1 START: 13-01-2014 END: 07-02-2014 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2014-2 START: 10-03-2014 END: 04-04-2014 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2014-3 CANCELLED    
TLP 2014-5 START: 15-09-2014 END: 10-10-2014 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2013 Overview

TLP 2013-1 START: 14-01-2013 END: 08-02-2013 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2013-2 START: 04-03-2013 END: 27-03-2013 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2013-3 CANCELLED    
TLP 2013-5 START: 09-09-2013 END: 04-10-2013 Albacete, Spain

TLP 2012 Overview

TLP 2012-1 START: 16-01-2012 END: 10-02-2012 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2012-3 START: 30-04-2012 END: 25-05-2012 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2012-5 START: 10-09-2012 END: 05-10-2012 Albacete, Spain
TLP 2012-6 START: 05-10-2012 END: 30-10-2012 Albacete, Spain

Albacete-Los Llanos Specials

CJPRSC 2011 START: 13-10-2011 END: 28-10-2011 Albacete, Spain

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