TLP 2022-3 

START: 12-09-2022 END: 30-09-2022
Serial Type Unit Special Role Arrival Departure
166889/AG-202 F/A-18F  VF-103   Participant    
166956/AG-306 F/A-18E  VFA-86   Participant    
168486/AG-206  F/A-18F  VF-103   Participant    
168921/AG-101  F/A-18E  VFA-143   Participant    
91-0309/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
91-0314/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
91-0329/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
91-0334/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
91-0602/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
91-0604/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
96-0201/LN F-15E 494th FS "48 FW" Participant    
00-3003/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
00-3004/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
01-2001/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
01-2003/LN F-15E 494th FS   Participant    
19-5475 /LN F-35A 495th FS   Participant    
19-5476 /LN F-35A 495th FS   Participant    
19-5484 /LN F-35A 495th FS "48 FW" Participant    
19-5485 /LN F-35A 495th FS "48 OG" Participant    
19-5486 /LN F-35A 495th FS   Participant    
19-5493 /LN F-35A 495th FS   Participant    
C.16-32/11-32  EF2000  Ala 11   Participant    
C.16-42/11-42 EF2000  Ala 11   Participant    
C.16-46/11-46 EF2000  Ala 11   Participant    
C.16-51/11-51 EF2000  Ala 11   Participant    
C.16-55/11-55  EF2000  Ala 11   Participant    
HD.29-20/803-20  NH90-TTH 803 Esc   Participant    
HT.27-04/ET-652  AS532UL nb   Participant    
HT.27-19/ET-602 AS532UL nb   Participant    
E-007 F-16AM FWS have glass c/s Participant    
E-016 F-16AM FWS   Participant    
E-024  F-16AM FWS   Participant    
E-107  F-16AM FWS   Participant    
E-597  F-16AM FWS   Participant    
E-601  F-16AM FWS   Participant    
E-611  F-16AM FWS   Participant    
FA57 F-16AM 1sq 105 years 1 sqn Participant    
FA86 F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA95 F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA107  F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA123  F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA126  F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA129  F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA133  F-16AM nm   Participant    
FA136 F-16AM 31sq X Tiger Participant    

Log contributors: Wim Sonneveld, Juan Ojados, Moshi Anahory

tlp2022 3 f16 juan Belgian Air Force F-16 FA57 carries a special tail, marking 105 years of 1 Smaldeel. (30 September 2022, Juan Ojados) tlp2033 3 f35 frankThe sun does not always shine at Albecete. Here is one of the Lakenheath F-35s returning from a mission just before the rain arrives. (29 September 2022, Frank Noort)
tlp2022 3 f16 moshiThe Danish participated with six F-16s. Here one them in take off with a USN F/A-18 in the background (Moshi Anahory 22-09-2022) tlp2022 4 f18 moshiVery special visitors where four F/A-18's from the USS George Bush. From those four, three were from three different units: VFA-86 "Sidewinders", VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers" and VFA-143 "Pukin Dogs" (Moshi Anahory, 22 September 2022)

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