December 06, 2022

Editorial December 2022

Scramble December 2022

As you can see, the Scramble Editorial Team has been able to prepare the content of another edition of your favorite aviation platform! This despite the fact that some of the editors are glued to their television screen to watch the FIFA Football (Soccer) World Cup in Qatar.

Most of the usual sections of Scramble are present, with the exception of the Wrecks and Relics section and the movements Netherlands and Belgium. The latter two will be presented at a later date. We do have two interesting articles for you to read this month. In the first article Wim Sonneveld describes the visit of a number of Saudi F-15s to Souda Bay in Greece for the Falcon Eye 3 exercise. The second article is written by David Santhouse, who was able to visit Naval Air Station Lemoore (CA), USA on 14 October.

The monthly sections and articles can be found at: Movement Netherlands, Movements Belgium, Movements Elsewhere Military, Military Updates, Civil Updates, Soviet Updates, Dustpan & Brush and Wrecks & Relics and this month's articles are at articles.

Slowly but steadily spotting activities on the Northern Hemisphere have gone down, and many of us prepare for what can be considered as a form of hibernation. Obviously wintertime has its advantages: there is finally some time to sort out the photos and logs of the past summer period.

In the meantime, we have been quite actively updating our online air orders of battle and airfield guides. Needless to say, if you have topical information, neat spots or photographs taken out and about, please share them with us!

Although it is still the end on November while writing this introduction, we, as Scramble Editorial Team, like to already wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023! Because of these festive days, the publication date of the January issue will be around 8 January 2023. So do not worry when you miss new content on the first days of the New Year. Please have a little patience!

Please keep sending in your pictures to either civupload@scramble.nl or milupload@scramble.nl. Since going digital we are no longer limited to the number of pictures we can use, so please keep sending them in.

Photo: Leeuwarden's 322 Squadron hosted multiple USAF fighters during the Large Force interoperability Exercise (LFE) which was held from 17 till 21 October 2022. Next to the 90th Fighter Squadron F-22A Raptors, which arrived from Lask Air Base (Poland), USAF Europe also joined the exercise with four Lakenheath based F-35A Lightning IIs and two F-15E Strike Eagles. Unfortunately the Raptors already returned to Lask on 18 October. (Leeuwarden, 18 October 2022, Richard Baas)

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