May 21, 2022

Editorial May 2022

Scramble May 2022

Another month, another Scramble!

Besides the usual sections we have three articles for you this time. The first one is written by Marco Pennings and deals with rare birds of Indonesia, with aircraft types like the La-9, La-11, Il-10, Tu-2 and Il-28 in Indonesian service. This is a unique overview of these aircraft flying for the Indonesian armed forces.

The second one comes from Dennis Peteri, a former editor, and he wrote a very interesting article on AERO Vodochody, which develops, produces and maintains lead-in fighter trainers like the L-39/L-39NG. He paid a visit to the company in February of this year and came back with this overview of what keeps the AERO company busy these days.

Article number three is written by Erwin Alexander. In September 2021, when everything was more or less normal, he visited Ukraine to hunt for wreckage and relics. In the detailed overview you can find an overview of what was to be seen. For now, we can only guess what the current status of the aircraft are at the various locations he has visited.

Over the past months we have started the sale of the Scramble World Airline Fleets 2022, Scramble Military Serials – Europe 2022, Scramble Military Serials – World 2022 and soon we will have Scramble Military Serials – North America 2022 available. Sales are going very well, so don’t forget to order your copy while stock lasts. Head to our shop and order your copy before it is too late.

Later this year we expect to have other military publications available, about the history of the F-15 Eagle and the Panavia Tornado. Nearer the time we will start advertising on our social media.

The regular monthly sections and articles can be found at: Movement Netherlands, Movements Belgium, Movements Elsewhere Military, Military Updates, Civil Updates, Soviet Updates, Dustpan & Brush and Wrecks & Relics we have three articles for your reading pleasure.

Please keep sending in your pictures to either or Since going fully digital we have seen a slight decline in pictures being sent, perhaps as a misconception that we no longer have a hard copy. In fact, we are now no longer limited to the amount of pictures we can use, so please keep sending them in.

Photo: On 23 February 2022, Josh Knights captured East Anglian Air Ambulance's G-RESU arriving back to base at Norwich. The H145 had just received the 5 Rotor Blade modification and is the first UK air ambulance helicopter with that upgrade.

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