August 07, 2022

Editorial August 2022

Scramble August 2022

Some extremely hot weather paid Europe a visit mid-July, with temperatures soaring into the 40°C! And of course it happened during the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford and the Bastille Day celebrations in France, also called le 14 juillet. That did not deter aircraft spotters from attending both events! Next month you will see the photographic evidence.

Two articles are awaiting your eager eyes to feast upon: Anadolu Kartali 2022 and Sentry Eagle returns. Scramble editors Rene Sleegers and Erik Sleutelberg (and many others!) paid a visit to Konya, Turkey (or as they like to be called these days, Türkiye), where exercise Anatolian Eagle was held. This article tells you what was seen and photographed.

Sentry Eagle returns is written by Nate Leong, on an exercise which returned after being absent for five years, due to airfield construction and the pandemic. While it normally celebrates the Air National Guard base's F-15 graduating classes with air-to-air exercises, this year it was only in the form of a base open house, to thank the local community and to welcome them back after the COVID-19 outbreak.

The regular monthly sections and articles can be found at: Movement Netherlands, Movements Belgium, Movements Elsewhere Military, Military Updates, Civil Updates, Soviet Updates, Dustpan & Brush and Wrecks & Relics and this month's articles are at articles.

Please keep sending in your pictures to either or Since going digital we are no longer limited to the number of pictures we can use, so please keep sending them in.

Photo: Hilco Schigt visited this year's exercise Anadolu Kartali (Anatolian Eagle), where he photographed this Azerbaijan Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 being refueled for the next mission. Anatolian Eagle is held at the 3rd Main Jet Base of the Turkish Air Force, Konya. (30 June 2022)

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