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Scramble 488 - January 2020

Scramble issue 488 is filled with 120 pages of aviation news, featuring one article! All regular sections are covered, with some larger sections like the Military Movements Elsewhere, because of the backlog of last month. 
Ocean Sky 19
Exercise Ocean Sky 19 was held at Gando air base on the island of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 19 to 30 October 2019. The authors, Hans de Ree, Eric Tammer and Lee de Ree give you some background on the exercise and also have made an overview of the participating and visiting aircraft.
Various on Triptease and Showreports
No less than fourteen pages containing trips. From Toulouse in France to Ecuador in South America. But also an extensive trip report from Russia with lots of information on the aircraft that can be seen. Within the Showreports section you can find everything on the Dubai Air Show, our correspondents stayed there for four days.



In Focus

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Scramble F-16 Fighting Falcon 6th Edition
The Dutch Aviation Society / Scramble is very proud to announce the sixth edition of the well known F-16 Fighting Falcon production list. The previous edition dates back to May 2006, since then this book has been updated and extended to the newest edition of 2019.
The publication is realised with the intensive help of Both Scramble and databases were compared and integrated and this led to an extensive A5 format book with no less than 244 pages and 80 exclusive colour photos.
This F-16 reference work is a must have for every F-16 lover and aviation researcher. Next to detailed information on every airframe, the publication gives a good insight in the history of the fighter aircraft and numerous Block numbers and upgrade versions. The production list includes all 4,588 airframes, construction numbers, squadrons and the last-noted dates of all F-16s built by General Dynamics, Lockheed and Lockheed Martin. As a gift, we also included the production list of all 100 Kawasaki F-2A and F-2B fighters.
The F-16 book is arranged in country chapters and these also includes the Air Orders of Battle. In this way you can find out which country flies what type of F-16, to which squadron it is assigned and where it is based.
The book is limited edition print and can be ordered on-line via for a special price.
Scramble World Airline Fleets 2019
We are proud to announce the 2019 edition of the SWAF - Scramble World Airline Fleets. SWAF 2019 will contain a compact overview of the world's airliners and (semi government) agencies like aerial firefighting companies. It lists the aircraft in registration, type, construction number and, when applicable, remarks order. In total it contains 243 pages. The information provided will be current up to February 2019. As always it comes in the familiar Scramble magazine A5 size and is spiral bound.
Scramble Military Serials North America 2019-2020   SOLD OUT !!
After two years a new edition of the Scramble Military Serials America is here! Again we chose to focus on North America only, and we hope you will enjoy this usefull publication. This book contains 183 pages. All books could be ordered in our shop



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