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Basic searches

Below methods search for exact matches, so entering 04 red or "04" will not find "04" red! Please read on to learn more.
The minimum search requirement is to enter a value in at least one search box. Each set of results will offer the possibility to select a certain airframe by clicking its c/n field. This opens a page with full data for that airframe.

Type the registration, serial or code of the aircraft you are looking for. Any number of characters is allowed, but omit additions like ? or (1), (2) et cetera. Use double quotes around the numbers in tactical codes. Always enter just one item in this box, so no combinations of registrations and codes or otherwise.
Examples: RA-65737, 625, "04" red.

Construction Number:
Type the construction number of the aircraft you are looking for. Any number of characters is allowed, but omit all spaces, dashes and brackets.
Examples: 91A904, 1G2201, 4520422606220.

Aircraft Type:
Select a basic aircraft type from the drop-down box to restrict your search. Without a specific selection, all types will be searched for the other two fields. Please note that searches without a specified type can be slower.

Advanced searches

Click here for an explanation of more sophisticated search options.

Additional sources

All of the data available here - and more - can be downloaded in PDF form from the Soviet Transports downloads page. Go there for complete production lists, mainly grouped by manufacturer, as well as construction number locations and explanations. Additionally, find there a list of abbreviations and translations, a listing of RF-registered aircraft and a KML file with all airports mentioned in the ST database.

Click here for the list of non-standard location codes with map links.

Standard location codes can be found in the Scramble Locations database.

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