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Abingdon 2004

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Date: 2 May 2004

Made by: Scramble, Mark Ray, Barry


XZ689/MA-363		Lynx HMA8		815sq          
ZH118/TD, ZH268/SA	Vigilant T1	        612VGS         
G-ANMO			Tiger Moth 1	        ex K4259       
G-AOSK	                Chipmunk T10	        ex WB726       
G-ARRX	                Auster 6A	        ex VF512       
G-AWSW	                Beagle D5/180	        ex XW635       
G-BCAH	                Chipmunk T10	        ex WG316       
G-BCXN	                Chipmunk T10	        ex WP800       
G-BKGL	                Beech 18	        as USAAC 1164  
G-BWEB	                Jet Provost T5	        ex XW422       
G-BWSG	                Jet Provost T5	        ex XW324       
G-BXCP	                Chipmunk T10	        ex WP859       
G-HAEC "472218/WZ-I"	CA-18 Mk22	        ex A68-192     
G-MSTG "414419/LH-F"	P-51D		        ex 45-11518    
G-TRIC			CT-120		        ex Canada 18013
N14113			T-28A		        ex 51-7545     
RA-02042		Yak-52		        ex DOSAAF 98   

Flying only:
XX314/CN		Hawk T1W		100sq   
MK356			Spitfire Mk9	        BoBMF   
ZF238			Tucano T1	        1FTS    
G-VTII			Vampire T11	        ex WZ507

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