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Valley 1985

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Date: 17 August 1985

Made by: Jason Ganner


104747        		CF-104   
104770        	        CF-104   
AT-154      	        Draken   
E86            	        Alpha Jet
3867         	        F-4F     
4015          		Alpha Jet
4307          	        Tornado  
7089          	        UH-1     
MM54507    	        MB-339   
MM54511    	        MB-339   
69-5796        		HH-53
69-5797                 HH-53
79-0006                 F-15 
79-0036                 F-15 
79-0042                 F-15 
79-0062                 F-15 
LB375        		Taylorcraft
RR299                   Mosquito   
WA662                   Meteor     
WA669                   Meteor     
WH453                   Meteor     
WH734                   Canberra   
WL754                   Shackleton 
WP974                   DHC-1      
WW397       		Provost
XA880        		Devon      
XE874                   Vampire    
XH304                   Vampire    
XL392                   Vulcan     
XL426                   Vulcan     
XP361                   Whirlwind  
XR534                   Gnat       
XS101                   Gnat       
XS711                   Dominie    
XT597                   Phantom    
XV248                   Nimrod     
XV411                   Phantom    
XV475                   Phantom    
XV482                   Phantom    
XW295                   Jet Provost
XW320                   Jet Provost
XW415                   Jet Provost
XW527                   Buccaneer  
XX150                   Jaguar     
XX382                   Gazelle    
XX495                   Jetstream  
XZ371                   Jaguar     
ZB627                   Gazelle    
ZD791                   Tornado    
ZD932                   Tornado    
ZD935                   Tornado    
XX161, XX162, XX163	Hawk
XX168, XX169, XX173	Hawk
XX174, XX175, XX181	Hawk
XX183, XX184, XX224	Hawk
XX225, XX226, XX232	Hawk
XX233, XX235, XX239	Hawk
XX241, XX242, XX249	Hawk
XX250, XX291, XX294	Hawk
XX295, XX309, XX310	Hawk
XX311, XX347, XX349	Hawk
XR507, XR524, XR588	Wessex
XT601, XT602, XT604	Wessex
EI-ATC          	C.310
EI-BEO          	C.310
EI-BLJ            	C.210
EI-BMK        		C.310
EI-BRC            	PA-31
G-AMRA        		C-47
G-AMSV        		C-47
G-AZLJ         		Trislander
G-BCNT        		P.68
G-BEPP           	B.206
G-BHAW        		C.172
G-BHXS        		Jodel
G-BIAA        		TB-9
N1344           	PT-22

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