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Finningley 1982

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Date: 4 September 1982

Made by: Nigel Howarth


52 		N262 NORD 262A34 	FRENCH AF
PA474 		LANCASTER  		RAF     
PZ865           HURRICANE II 		RAF   
TB382           SPITFIRE  		RAF      
VP958           DEVON C2 		RAF       
VZ467           METEOR F8          
WB533           DEVON C2 		RAF       
WB534           DEVON C2 		RAF       
WD331           CHIPMUNK T10 		RAF   
WG407           CHIPMUNK T10 		RAF   
WJ715           CANBERRA TT18 		RAF  
WJ897           VARSITY T1 		RAF     
WR960           SHACKLETON AEW2 	RAF
XH132           CANBERRA PR9 		RAF   
XH560           VULCAN B2 		RAF      
XJ380           SYCAMORE           
XJ729           WHIRLWIND  		RAF     
XJ782           VULCAN B2 		RAF      
XJ823           VULCAN B2 		RAF      
XL161           VICTOR K2 		RAF      
XL391           VULCAN B2 		RAF      
XL512           VICTOR K2 		RAF      
XM597           VULCAN B2 		RAF      
XN819           ARGOSY C1 		RAF      
XP353           WHIRLWIND HAR10 	RAF
XP806           BEAVER AL1 		AAC     
XR520           WESSEX HC2 		RAF     
XR772           LIGHTNING F6 		RAF   
XR806           VC10 C1 		RAF        
XS596           ANDOVER C1 		RAF     
XS606           ANDOVER  		RAF       
XS710           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS712           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS713           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS714           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS726           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS727           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS728           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS731           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS732           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS735           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS737           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS738           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS739           DOMINIE T1              RAF
XS765           BASSET CC1 		RAF 
XT601           WESSEX  		RAF    
XV179           C-130 C1 		RAF   
XV234           NIMROD MR2 		RAF 
XV247           NIMROD  		RAF    
XV255           NIMROD MR2 		RAF 
XV293           C-130 C1 		RAF   
XV355           BUCCANEER  		RAF 
XV433           F-4 FGR2 		RAF   
XV572           F-4 FG1 		RAF    
XV581           F-4 FG1 		RAF    
XV787           HARRIER GR3 		RAF
XV804           HARRIER GR3 		RAF
XV814           COMET 4C 		RAF   
XW200           PUMA HC1 		RAF   
XW287           JET PROVOST T5 		RAF      
XW291           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW293           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW296           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW298           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW302           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW304           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW306           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW307           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW324           JET PROVOST T5          RAF
XW332 		JET PROVOST T5A 	RAF       
XW408           JET PROVOST T5A 	RAF       
XW789           BAe125 CC1 		RAF      
XX166           HAWK T1                 RAF
XX179           HAWK T1                 RAF
XX180           HAWK T1                 RAF
XX260           HAWK T1                 RAF
XX406           GAZELLE AH1 		AAC  
XX492           JETSTREAM T1 		RAF 
XX493           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX494           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX496           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX497           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX498           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX499           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX500           JETSTREAM T1            RAF
XX622           BULLDOG T1 		RAF   
XX624           BULLDOG T1              RAF
XX721           JAGUAR GR1              RAF
XX724           JAGUAR GR1              RAF
XX727           JAGUAR GR1              RAF
XX731           JAGUAR  		RAF      
XZ172           LYNX  			AAC        
XZ210           LYNX  			AAC        
XZ222           LYNX  			AAC        
XZ300           GAZELLE AH1 		AAC  
XZ599           SEA KING HAR3 		RAF
XZ611           LYNX 			AAC        
XZ640           LYNX  			AAC        
XZ648           LYNX  			AAC        
XZ664           LYNX  			AAC        
XZ672           LYNX AH1 		AAC     
XZ932           GAZELLE HT2 		RAF  
XZ956           SEA KING HAR3 		RAF
XZ995           HARRIER GR3 		RAF  
ZA541           TORNADO GR1 		RAF  
ZA594 		TORNADO GR1 		RAF           
ZA672           CHINOOK HC1 		RAF           
ZA711           CHINOOK HC1 		RAF           
A-533           PUCARA  		EX- ARGENTINIAN AF
68-0556 	F-4C 			USAF
68-3796 	OV-10  			USAF
74-1569 	F-5E 			USAF
C-7 		F27-300M 		KLU
K-3019 		NF-5A 			KLU
K-3032 		NF-5A               	KLU
K-4030 		NF-5A               	KLU

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