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Lakenheath 1989

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Date: 27 August 1989

Made by:

Updated: 3 November 2002

BR-17                Mirage VBR 
XV783/N              Harrier GR.3 
XW763/3F             Harrier GR.3 
XX283/Z              Hawk T.1 
XX325/X              Hawk T.1 
XF967/967            Hunter 
XN494/43             Jet Provost T.3A      1 FTS 
XN497/52             Jet Provost T.3A      1 FTS 
XV250/50             Nimrod 
XW405/J              Jet Provost T.5B 
XT280/280            Buccaneer S.2B 
ZE259/AN             Tornado F.3 
ZE887/AN             Tornado F.3           229OCU 
XZ588                Sea King 
63-471/LN            F-4 
73-712/LN            F-111F                (494 AMU) 
70-394/LN            F-111F                (492 TFS) 
72-448/LN            F-111F                (48 TFW) 
70-391/LN            F-111F                (495 AMU) 
72-449/LN            F-111F                493 TFS 
73-713/LN            F-111F 
70-378/LN            F-111F 
70-390/LN            F-111F 
70-411/LN            F-111F 
70-414/LN            F-111F 
80-007/UH            F-111E 
80-216/WR            A-10A                 510 TFS 
79-221/WR            A-10A                 510 TFS 
84-007/BT            F-15C                 53 TFS 
84-015/BT            F-15C                 53 TFS 
87-0225/TJ           F-16C                 526 TFS 
87-0244/TJ           F-16C                 526 TFS 
85-1457/RS           F-16C                 86 TFW 
85-1473/RS           F-16C                 86 TFW 
70494/LN             F-105 
40495                C-130E 
12667                WC-135B               10 ACCS 
01085                TR-1A 

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