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Debden 1954

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Date: 18 September 1954

Made by: Ken Elliott


Joy flights:
G-AGWP		DH89A Rapide		Morton
G-AIAH	        Airspeed Consul	        Morton
Static Display  (some also in flying display):
VF530		Auster AOP.6		661 Squadron
VM308	        Anson C.19	            
WD377	        Chipmunk T.10	            
WG497	        Sedbergh TX.1	            
WH481 D	        Meteor F.8		CFS         
WJ751	        Canberra B.2		115 Squadron
WM292	        Meteor NF.11	            
WV436	        Provost T.1	            
XD402	        Vampire T.11		5 FTS       

6254M		Mosquito 6	                       
7030M	        Mosquito NF.30	                       
RA630	        Avro Lincoln B.1	(6627M)        
VF301	        DH Vampire F.1		(7060M)                
	        Prentice T.1		possibly VR275 or VS275

Flying Display:
KJ881		Dakota C.4	            
WH842	        Canberra T.4		231 OCU     
WH843	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU
WH844	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU
WH847	        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU
	        Meteors	formation aerobatics
WB650	        Chipmunk T.10 	            
WB720	        Chipmunk T.10	            
Other Aircraft:
HM960		Oxford 1	
HN204 J:S	Oxford 1	
PH374 K:S	Oxford 1		TTCCF
RF341 D:S	Lincoln B.2	
RF425 F:S	Lincoln B.2	
TX154		Anson C.19	
VV361 S:H	Anson T.22		RAFFC
VV367		Anson T.22		RAFFC
WD399		Chipmunk T.10	

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