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Hatfield 1969

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Date: 5 July 1969

Made by:


K8032 		Gladiator         
PZ865           Hurricane IIC     
RR299           Mosquito TT35     
WA669           Meteor T7 		CFS           
WH291/T         Meteor F8 	        85Sqdn        
WB562/10	Chipmunk T10 	        CFS/Skylarks  
WB738/15	Chipmunk T10 	        CFS/Skylarks  
WD299/06	Chipmunk T10 	        CFS/Skylarks  
WG348/11	Chipmunk T10 	        CFS/Skylarks  
WK521/12	Chipmunk T10 	        CFS/Skylarks  
WW286 		Sea Venom FAW21         731/ADS       
XA129           Sea Vampire T22         ADS           
XE685/VL-708    Hunter GA11 	        FONFT         
XF386/36        Hunter F6 	        229OCU        
XF420/29        Hunter F6 	        229OCU        
XH132           Canberra SC9 	        Shorts        
XJ608           Sea Vixen FAW2 	        HSA           
XK624/32        Vampire T11 	        CFS           
XL361           Vulcan B2 	        27/83/617Sqdns
XS609           Andover C1 	        46Sqdn        
EC93-2125 	HS125 		        Brazilian AF  

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