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Humberside 1986

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Date: 27 July 1986

Made by:


Serial:           Type:                                    Code: 
XS710             HS125 Dominie                            O 
WR410             D.H.Venom                                J-1790/G-BLKA 
WP809             D.H.Chipmunk T10                         G-BVTX 
WZ507             DH-115 Vampire T11G_VTII 
WD331             DH1 Chipmunk T10                         J 
XX654             SA Bulldog T1                            3 
T7907             DH 82 A Tiger Moth 11                    G-ANON 
XF690             Percival P56 Provost T1                  8041M/G-MOOS 
ZB672             WS Gazelle AH1                           C 
XW421             B A C  Jet Provest T5A                   9111M/60 
WB421             Fairey Firefly  AS5                      204/R 
WG655             DHC1 Chipmunk T10                        8394M/G-BFAX/116 
XS597             HS Andover C1 
XT604             WS58 Wessex HC2 
XV558             Avro Vulcan B2 
XM470             Hunting Jet Provost T3A                  M 
G-BJMO            Taylor JY.1 Monoplane 
G-AMPY            Douglas C-47B 
G-AYEF            PA-29 Cherokee 180E 
G-RUIA            Cessna F.172M 
G-TAFF            C.A.S.A 1.131 Jungmann 
G-HULL            Cessna F.150M 
G-AFLW            M17 Monarch 
G-BLLP            Slingsby T.67B 
G-OOLE            Cessna 172M 
G-AXPN            B.121 Pup 2 
G-ATUB            PA-28 Cherokee 140 
G-BCFW            SAAB 91D Safir 
G-BKPS            AA-5B Tiger 
G-AZDD            MBB Bo 209 Monsun 150 FF 
G-AZBE            Glos-Airtourer Super 150 
G-BBYE            Cessna 195 
G-FALC            Aeromere F.8L Falco 
G-BKGL            Beech D.18S                              HB275 
G-WREN            Pitts S-S4 
G-BAIW            Cessna F.172M 
G-AWPJ            Cessna F.150 H 
G-OJVH            Cessna F.150H 
G-BFZU            Cessna FA.152 
G-AEBJ            Blackburn B-2 
G-BEDF            Boeing B-17G-105VE                       124485 

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