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Gosport 1999

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Date: 6 May 1999

Made by: Graham Spiller, Robert Dunn, Clive Pattle, Richard A. Ward

Updated: 23 March 2007

Static (on the sports field): 
XS513      	Wessex HU5		AESS            
XT453/A-B       Wessex HU5              AESS            
XT455/U         Wessex HU5              AESS            
XT761           Wessex HU5              AESS     SAR c/s
XV625/471       Wasp HAS1               AESS            
XX510/LS-69     Lynx                    AESS            

Outside storage, west apron of Newcomen hangar: 
XW630           Harrier GR3                                                                     
XZ243           Lynx HAS3 shell    	BDR                                                          
XV669/410       Sea King HAS1           BDR      under wraps                                         
XT463/PO/D      Wessex HU5C             BDR      composite (RN front and tail pylon/84 Sqn rear fuse)
XT474/20        Wessex HU5              BDR      SAR c/s                                             
XT764/G         Wessex HU5              BDR                                                          
XS489/R         Wessex HU5              BDR                                                          
XR503           Wessex HC2                       RAE raspberry c/s                                   
XT771/620	Wessec HU5	          	 84sq/2FTS mks        

AESS Workshop:
XS496/-		Wessex HU5
XS507/-		Wessex HU5
XS510/626	Wessex HU5
XS511/M		Wessex HU5
XS514/L		Wessex HU5
XS515/N		Wessex HU5
XS520/F		Wessex HU5
XT458/622	Wessex HU5
XT466/XV	Wessex HU5
XT484/H		Wessex HU5
XT485/-		Wessex HU5
XT765/J		Wessex HU5
XV654/05	Sea King HAS6
XV720/-		Wessex HC.2

ZA134/824       Sea King HAS5U     	771 NAS  para drop 

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