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Honington 1978

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Date: 17 June 1978

Made by:

Updated: 4 September 2001

8180M	632/LM	Buccaneer S.1		(XN930, Instructional Use)
XZ431		Buccaner S.2B	        208 sq                    
XH134		Canberra PR.9	        39 sq (no marks)          
WJ625	D	Canberra T.17	        360 sq                    
XX508		HS.125 CC.2	        32 sq                     
XL568		Hunter T.7	        "Arthur"                  
WV322		Hunter T.8C	        237 OCU                   
XX738		Jaguar GR.1	        6 sq                      
XV242		Nimrod MR.1	        42 sq/St Mawgan           
XV406	A	Phantom FGR.2	        23 sq                     
XL319		Vulcan B.2	        230 OCU                   
64-0519		C-130E		        62 MAW                    
73-0707	LN 	F-111F		        48 TFW (green fin tip)    
59-1460		KC-135Q		        100 ARW                   

Far End:
XT273		Buccaneer S.2A		237 OCU    
XT284		Buccaneer S.2A	        237 OCU    
XV165		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 sq      
XV349		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 sq      
XW547		Buccaneer S.2B	        (also flew)

Flightline (* = took part in 9-ship formation flypast):
XN976*		Buccaneer S.2B		12 sq 
XN983*		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 sq 
XV160*		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 sq
XV336*		Buccaneer S.2A	        208 sq
XV352*		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 sq
XV356		Buccaneer S.2A	        208 sq
XX895*		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 sq 
XX896		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 sq 
XX899*		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 sq 
XX901*		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 sq
XZ430		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 sq

XW404	77	Jet Provost T.5A	1 FTS
XW428	70	Jet Provost T.5A	1 FTS

Gate Guard:
XK531		Buccaneer S.1	

WL741	41	Shackleton AEW.2	8 sq
XL192		Victor K.2		57 sq
XM574		Vulcan B.2		617 sq        
XR511	AL	Wessex HC.2	        72 sq         
XV197		Hercules C.1	        LTW           
XV305		Hercules C.1	        LTW           
XV307		Hercules C.1	        LTW           
XV244		Nimrod MR.1	        Kinloss Wing  
XX758	18	Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU       
XP535		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XP574		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XR540		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XR572		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XR955		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XR991		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XS101		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
XS107		Gnat T.1	        CFS/Red Arrows
G-AXAS		Wallis WA.116	
The Victor was doing an in-air refuelling demo with Buccaneer 
XW547 and another Buccaneer.

Engineering Hangar:
XT270		Buccaneer S.2B		208 sq
XT281		Buccaneer S.2B	
XT283		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV334		Buccaneer S.2B	
XV340		Buccaneer S.2B		208 sq
XV342		Buccaneer S.2B		208 sq
XW527		Buccaneer S.2B	

237 OCU Hangar:
XF995		Hunter T.8B	
XT277		Buccaneer S.2A	
XT278		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV152		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV156		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV163		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV338		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV354		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV355		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV357		Buccaneer S.2A	

208/809 sq Hangar:
XT274		Buccaneer S.2A	
XT280		Buccaneer S.2A	
XV157		Buccaneer S.2B	
XV332		Buccaneer S.2B	
XV361		Buccaneer S.2C		(809 sq)
XV864		Buccaneer S.2B	
XX900		Buccaneer S.2B	

12 sq Hangar:
XX898		Buccaneer S.2B	

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