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Mildenhall 1982

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Mildenhall (United Kindom)

Open House

29 - 30 May 1982

104749 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
AT-154 Sk-35XD RDAF/Esk729  
20+01 F-104G WGAF/JbG-31  
E105 314-VA Alpha Jet FrAF/ET-314  
70 30-FD Mirage F1C FrAF/EC-30  
K-4030 NF-5B KLu/315 sq  
XS603 Andover E3 115 sq  
XT283 G Buccaneer S2A 237 OCU  
XA312 Cadet TX3 1 MGSP  
WJ633 EF Canberra T17 360 sq  
WB652 V Chipmunk T10 5 AEF 29/5 only
VP971 Devon C2 207 sq  
XS714 P Dominie T1 6 FTS  
XX349 349 Hawk T1 4 FTS  
XX139 C Jaguar T2 226 OCU  
XX730 EC Jaguar GR1 6 sq  
XW419 125 Jet Provost T5A 7 FTS  
XX487 CU-568 Jetstream T2 750 sq  
XS895 AK Lightning F6 5 sq  
XV233 33 Nimrod MR1 42 sq  
XV571 A Phantom FG1 43 sq  
WR960 Shackleton AEW2 8 sq  
ZA555 Tornado GR1 TWCU  
XM569 Vulcan B2 50 sq  
00218 WR - A-10A 81stTFW  
57-6518 B-52G 2ndBW  
68-0222 C-5A 436thMAW  
79-0433 KC-10A 2ndBW  
64-0555 MC-130E 7thSOS "Triple Nickel Ethel" on the forward steps
74-1689 C-130H 463rdTAW  
56-3652 KC-135A 42ndBW  
61-0286 EC-135H 10thACCS  
61-2491 C-140B 58thMAS  
65-0222 C-141B 437thMAW  
68-0568 AR black RF-4C 10thTRW  
71-1079 SP red F-4E 52ndTFW  
79-0060 BT red F-15C 36thTFW also flew
80-0021 BT red F-15C 36thTFW  
74-0188 LN red F-111F 48thTFW  
68-10928 lizard CH-53C 601 stTCW "Headhunter"
64-17974 SR-71A 9thSRW Det 4
68-10337 U-2R 9thSRW Det 4
68-3805 lizard OV-10A 601atTCW  
76-22678 CH-47C 295thAvnCo  
69-17002 OV-1D 73rdMICo  
161503 8G UC-12B Mildenhall  
161329 LE-9 P-3C Update II VP-11  
Hangar display:
80-0194 WR - A-10A 81stTFW  
69-0370 AR black RF-4C 10thTRW  
74-1534 34 F-5E 10thTRW  
70-2417 LN red F-111F 48ThTFW  
Flight-line (north side)
C-8 F27-300M KLu/334  
K-3003 NF-5A KLu/315 sq  
K-3019 NF-5A KLu/315 sq  
A-350 SE-3160 the "Grasshoppers"  
A-351 SE-3160 the "Grasshoppers"  
A-398 SE-3160 the "Grasshoppers"  
A-406 SE-3160 the "Grasshoppers"  
A-499 SE-3160 the "Grasshoppers"  
XX350 Hawk T1 1 TWU  
XX752 06 Jaguar GRl 226 OCU  
XX748 20 Jaguar GR1 226 OCU  
WF791 Meteor T7 CFS  
XH304 Vampire T11 CFS  
XM575 Vulcan B2 44 sq  
69-6607 UH-1N 67thARRS  
161322 8D UC-12B Rota  
160900 AG-211 F-14A VF-142  
68-16348 UH-1H 295thAvnCo  
71-21016 AH-1S 11thACR  
71-21026 AH-1S 11thACR  
69-17020 OV-1D 73rdMICo  
LF363 GN-F Hurricane IIC Battle of Britain Memorial Flight  
PA474 AJ-G Lancaster I Battle of Britain Memorial Flight  
AB910 XT-M Spitfire V Battle of Britain Memorial Flight  
WB271 'R/204' Firefly AS6 FAA Historic Flight  
TF956'T/123' Sea Fury PB.11 FAA Historic Flight  
WV908 'A/188' Sea Hawk FGA6 FAA Historic Flight  
The south side flight-line:
104751 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
104756 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
104761 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
104810 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
104822 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
104830 CF-104 CAF/lstCAG  
XZ330 Gazelle AH1 657 sq  
XZ335 Gazelle AH1 657 sq  
XX323 Hawk Tl 1 TWU/234 sq  
XW204 CA Puma HC1 33 sq  
XR629 Scout AH1 657 sq  
XV141 Scout AH1 657 sq  
64-0527 (desert) C-130E 435thTAW  
68-10938 (lizard) C-130E 435thTAW  
Flew both days along with 2 463rdTAW C-130H's drawn from .    
74-1665 C-130H 463rdTAW  
74-1666 C-130H 463rdTAW  
74-1682 C-130H 463rdTAW  
74-1692 C-130H 463rdTAW  
74-2061 C-130H 463rdTAW  
74-2134 C-130H 463rdTAW  
56-3591 KC-135A 380thBW  
57-1430 KC-135A 92ndBW  
58-0014 KC-135A 379thBW  
58-0068 KC-135A New Hampshire ANG  
61-0276 KC-135A 97thBW  
61-0318 KC-135A 410thBW  
62-3498 KC-135A 92ndBW  
63-7993 KC-135A 2ndBW  
63-8008 KC-135A 319thBW  
63-8874 KC-135A 319thBW  
63-8880 KC-135A 384thARW  
58-0077 KC-135Q 9 SRW  
58-0086 KC-135Q 9 SRW  
58-0103 KC-135Q 9 SRW  
59-1460 KC-135Q 9 SRW  
59-1474 KC-135Q 9 SRW  
South side:
61-0285 EC-135H 10thACCS  
62-4134 RC-135W 55thSRW  
75-0557 E-3A 552ndAW&CW Arrived late 30/5 from Riyadh
75-0560 E-3A 552ndAW&CW Departed late 29/5 to Riyadh
Flying only:
80-0169 WR A-10A 81stTFW 29/5
80-0181 WR A-10A 81stTFW 29/5 & 30/5
80-0207 WR A-10A 81stTFW 30/5
58-0167 B-52G 2ndBW Flew past during the afternoon of 30.5
XX227 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX251 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX252 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX253 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX257 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX259 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX260 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX264 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX266 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX306 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
16769 T-33A ex FAF  
G-ANDE DH82A Private  
G-ASKH Mosquito T3 Bae as RR299 HT-E
G-ATBG Nord 1002 Private  
G-BBOH Pitts S-1S Special Private  
G-BCIT CIT/A1 Srs.1 Private  
G-BCTT Evans VP-1 Private  
G-BEDF B-17G Privat as 44-85784
G-BFIR Anson T21 Privat as WD413, static/also flew
G-BFWU AA-5B Tiger Private  
G-BHMT Evans VP-1 Private  
G-BHUB C-47A Private as T.3-29/G-AGIF Spanish AF
G-BIHN Skyship 500 Skyship Industries  
G-BJAX P-2-05 Private U-108 ex Swiss AF
G-DAKS Dakota 3 Private  
G-ELLY AT-6D Private as 133867 TA-867
G-RIDE Stephens Akro Private  
G-ROLL Pitts S-2A Special Private  
G-SHOW MS.733 Alcyon Private  
G-WREN Pitts S-2A Special Private  
N1344 Ryan PT-22 Private  
NX700H F8F-2P Bearcat Private as S-100, ex 121714

Credits: Peter Wood, Clive Newland

Updated: 3 June 2004; 21 July 2023, Glenn Turner; 1 February 2024 BARG 82/06, Herbert Dederichs;

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