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Alconbury 1990(1)

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Date: 14 July 1990

Made by:


GA-10A         80-0219/AR       BDR `PHOENIX`  
F-4C           63-7419/SA       BDR
F-4N           153008           BDR
F-5E           01532            GATE
F-101B         56-0312/AR       BDR
U-2CT          56-6692          BDR

A-10A          79-0217/AR bk    511th TFS
A-10A          80-0170/AR gy    509th TFS
A-10A          80-0277/AR gy    509th TFS
A-10A          81-0967/AR gy    509th TFS
A-10A          81-0979/AR gy    509th TFS `509th TFS`
C-130H         74-2130          773rd TAS                 
F-16C          85-1485/RS g/bk  512th TFS
F-16C          85-1486/RS mlt   86th TFW
F-111E         68-0039/UH r     77th TFS
F-111E         68-0059/UH r     77th TFS
TR-1B          80-1065          9th SRW
TR-1A          80-1078          95th RS (stored)
TR-1A          80-1081          95th RS
TR-1A          80-1083          95th RS
TR-1A          80-1099          95th RS
Buccaneer S2B  XV865            208sq
Devon C2       VP981            BOBMF
Harrier GR5    ZD354/09         1sq
Hawk T1        XX175            4 FTS
Hawk T1        XX234            4 FTS
Hawk T1A       XX255            63sq
Hawk T1A       XX301/L          151sq
Vulcan B2      XH558            VDF


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