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Bentwaters 1970

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Date:16 May 1970
G-261 F-100D Esk727  
GT-018 F-100F Esk727  
21+99 F-104G Nmks (JBG33)  
13371/PX-B F-5A RNoAF  
XS776 Basset C1 207sq  
XV202 Hercules C1 LTW  
69-5823 HC-130N 67th ARRS  
65-711/WR F-4D 78th TFS  
0-63213/LR F-100D 492nd TFS  
XS100/57 Gnat T.1 4FTS  
XV214 Hercules C1 LTW  
XM144 Lightning F1 Wattisham TTF  
XM649 Vulcan B2 Waddington Wing  
0-30230 KC-97L 151st ARS TN ANG  
65-0962 HC-130H 67th ARRS  


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