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Date: 12 July 1969

Made by: anonymous


G-ABLS			Puss Moth
G-ACTF			Comper Swift
G-AEXZ			Taylor J/2 Cub
G-AFLW			M17 Monarch
G-AFVR			GAL Cygnet 2
G-AHAY			Auster J/1
G-AIRC			Auster J/1
G-AJGS			Dragon Rapide
G-AKKO			Messenger 2A
G-ALUA			Zaunkonig
G-AMIU			Tiger Moth
G-AOIO			Tiger Moth
G-AOKH			Prentice
G-AOXO			Tipsy Belfair
G-APFA			Druine Turbi
G-APFK			B707-436
G-APXO			PA-22
G-ARPU			Tridentic
G-ASJO			Musketeer
G-ASRK			A109 Airedale
G-ATJN			Jodel D199
G-ATOO			Cherokee 140
G-ATOP			Cherokee 140
G-ATPN			Cherokee 140
G-ATPP			Cherokee 140
G-ATTK			Cherokee 140
G-ATUC			Cherokee 140
G-ATUD			Cherokee 140
G-ATWG			Twin Comache 160B
G-AVEB			MS230
G-AVIZ			SF-25A Motorfalke
G-AVPK			Rallye Commodore 150
G-AVYK			A61 Terrier 3
G-AVYY			Stampe SV4C
G-AWEF			Stampe SV4B
G-AWKT			MS880B Rallye
G-AWSR			D62B Condor
G-AWPZ			Andreasson BA-4B
G-AWUC			B206A Jet Ranger
G-AXCH			MS885 Super Rallye
G-AXDB			Piper L-4J Cub
G-AXDU			Pup 150
G-AXER			Twin Comanche 160C
G-AXEU			Pup 150
G-AXIH			Jungmeister
G-AXIV			Aztec 250D
F-BBHA			Stampe SF4C
HB-MIY			Bu133 Jungmeister
N4877			Anson 1
PZ865			Hurricane 2c
WP807			Chipmunk T10
XH534			Vulcan SR2
XM144			Lightning F1A
XP538			Gnat T1
XP634			Jet Provost T4		"Linton Gin"
XP679			Jet Provost T4		"Linton Gin"
XR666			Jet Provost T4		"Linton Gin"
XR670			Jet Provost T4		"Linton Gin"
XR700			Jet Provost T4		"Linton Gin"
XP921			Sea Vixen FAW2		RN
XP923			Sea Vixen FAW2		RN
XR362			Belfast C1
XT193			Sioux AH1		AAC "Blue Eagles"
XT206			Sioux AH1		AAC "Blue Eagles"
XT509			Sioux AH1		AAC "Blue Eagles"
XW191			Sioux AH1		AAC "Blue Eagles"
XW192			Sioux AH1		AAC "Blue Eagles"

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