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Duxford 1998(2)

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Date: 6 September 1998

Made by:


Flightlines North: 
Bulldog T.1             XX518/B                 Cambridge UAS/5 AEF 
Chinook HC.2            ZA677/EG                7 Sqn 
Tornado F.3             ZE785/BA                29 Sqn 
Tucano T.1              ZF513                   1 FTS 
                        ZF418                   1 FTS 
Wessex HC.2             XT668/S                 72 Sqn 
Anson T.21              WD413 (G-VROE)          Atlantic Airways 
AT-16 Harvard IIB       FE695/94 (G-BTXI)       The Fighter Collection 
Auster AOP.9            XR241 (G-AXRR)          Aircraft Restoration Co 
B-25D Mitchell          KL161/VO-B (N88972)     The Fighter Collection  'Grumpy' 
Beech 18-3TM            1164 (G-BKGL)           Aircraft Restoration Co 
Beech 95-D55 Baron      G-AWAH                  Stephen Grey 
Blenheim IVT            L8841/QY-C (G-BPIV)     Aircraft Restoration Co 
C-47 Dakota             G-DAKK                  South Coast Airways 
C-47B Dakota IV         KN442 (G-AMPZ)          Atlantic Airlines 
Canberra B.2/6          WK163 (G-BVWC)          Classic Avn Projects 
DH.82A Tiger Moth II    DF112 (G-ANRM)          Classic Wings 
DH.85 Leopard Moth      G-ACMN                  Carolyn Grace 
DH.89A Dragon Rapide    G-AIYR                  Classic Wings  'Classic Lady' 
                        G-AKIF                  Classic Wings  
DH.112 Venom FB.50      WR410 (G-DHUU)          Source Classic Jet Flt 
DH.115 Vampire T.55     XE897 (G-DHVV)          Source Classic Jet Flt 
DHC.1 Chipmunk T.10     WP929/F (G-BXCV)        Aircraft Restoration Co 
Gnat T.1                XR991 (G-MOUR)          Intrepid Aviation Co 
Harrier GR.3            XZ133/10                Imperial War Museum 
Hunter F.58A            XF303/A (G-BWOU)        Old Flying Machine Co 
Hurricane XIIA          Z7381/XR-T (G-HURI)     The Fighter Collection 
Jet Provost T.3A        XN629 (G-BVEG)          Transair (UK) Ltd 
Lysander IIIA           V9545/BA-C (G-BCWL)     Aircraft Restoration Co 
Meteor NF.11            WM167 (G-LOSM)          Jet Heritage 
P-47M Thunderbolt       226671/MX-X (G-THUN)    The Fighter Collection 'No Guts - No Glory!' 
P-51D Mustang           463221/G4-S (G-BTCD)    The Fighter Collection 'Candyman/Moose' 
PA-32 Cherokee Six      G-BBFV                  Airlaunch Ltd 
Pembroke C.1            WV740 (G-BNPH)          Martin Willing 
Phantom FGR.2           XV474/T                 Old Flying Machine Co 
Prentice T.1            VR259/M (G-APJB)        Atlantic Airlines 
Spitfire LF.VB          EP120/AE-A (G-LFVB)     The Fighter Collection 'City of Winnipeg' 
Spitfire T.9            ML407/OU-V (G-LFIX)     Carolyn Grace  'Aon' 
Spitfire FR.XIVE        MV293/OI-C (G-SPIT)     The Fighter Collection 
Twin Pioneer 3          G-APRS                  Atlantic Airlines 
AD-4NA Skyraider        126922/AK402/G-RAID     The Fighter Collection 
FM-2 Wildcat            -/F/G-RUMW              The Fighter Collection 
F6F-5K Hellcat          40467/19/G-BTCC         The Fighter Collection 
F7F-3P Tigercat         80425/WT4/G-RUMT        The Fighter Collection 
FG-ID Corsair           KD435/A130/G-FGID       The Fighter Collection 

Flying only: 
Hawk T.1                XX233                   Red Arrows 
                        XX237                   Red Arrows
                        XX292                   Red Arrows
                        XX307                   Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A               XX227                   Red Arrows
                        XX252                   Red Arrows 
                        XX253                   Red Arrows 
                        XX260                   Red Arrows 
                        XX306                   Red Arrows 
Lancaster B.I           PA474/WS-J              BoB Memorial Flight 'City of Lincoln/Johnnie Walker/Still Going Strong' 
Tornado GR.1            ZA322/B-50              TTTE/S Sqn    also reported as (ZA355)/B-54 !!!
Swordfish II            W5856/A2A               RN Historic Flight 
Bristol F.2b Fighter    D8096/D (G-AEPH)        Shuttleworth Collection 
Gloster Gladiator I     425/427 (G-AMRK)        Shuttleworth Collection  also reported as 423/427!!! 
Hawker Hind             K5414/XV (G-AENP)       Shuttleworth Collection 

Additional visiting, support and charter aircraft included: 
Beagle B.206Z           N181WW 
C-47B Dakota IV         G-DAKK          		South Coast Airways 
Cessna 152 II           G-HART          			(tailwheel) 
Cessna F.172L           G-AZXD          		plus one unidentified 
Cessna F.182Q II        G-BHDP          		Zone Travel Ltd 
Cessna 421C             D-IAAT 
DR.400/120              F-GEKO 
DR.400/180              G-BBMB/101 
Fuji FA.200-160         G-BBZO 
Hawk T.1                XX308           		RAF Red Arrows also reported as XX264 !!! 
PA-28                   one unidentified 
PA-28-161               G-BHVB 
PA-31-350               G-EPED 
PA-32R-301              G-RAMS 
Ruschemeyer R90         PH-GWW 
T-28A Fennec            N14113         		 Propshop 
Yakovlev Yak-52         RA-44463 

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