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Farnborough 1992

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Date: September 1992

Made by: Alexis

Updated: 14 June 2005

Antonov An-72P
The Antonov 72 Coaler is a bit of a strange bird in the sky, with its engines attached on the top of the wings. This example is coded 72 red and wears the blue-yellow flag of Ukraine.

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

REG              TYPE                OPERATOR              NOTES 
389 BLUE         SU-27UB             RUSSIAN AIR FORCE     c/n 96310413042
01 BLACK         SU-29 
01 BLACK         SU-29T 
020 WHITE        KA-50 
07 RED           AN-72P              UKRAINE AIR FORCE 
10 BLUE          SU-25               RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
105              IAR330              ROMANIAN COAST GUARD 
130315           CC-130              CAF 
130339           CC-130              CAF 
141 WHITE        YAK-141             RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
156 BLUE         MIG-29              RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
158931           P-3                 USN                   Coded LA-3 
163508           F-18                USN                   Coded AA-401 
184              L-59                CZECH AIR FORCE 
302              SU-28               RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
33               TBM-700             FRENCH NAVY 
.../65-XA	 TBM-700	     FRENCH AIR FORCE
374              MIG-31              RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
37802            VIGGEN              SWEDISH AIR FORCE     Coded 68 
37816            VIGGEN              SWEDISH AIR FORCE     Coded 53 
38 YELLOW        YAK-38              RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
39-3             JAS-39              SWEDISH AIR FORCE 
39-4             JAS-39              SWEDISH AIR FORCE 
40 YELLOW        SU-24               RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
407 BLUE         MIG-29              RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
703              SU-35               RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
203		 Su-38		     RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
- (c/n 1212347)	 Tu-22M-3      	     RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 
712              IAR99               IAR 
81-23624         UH-60               USA 
82-23694         UH-60               USA 
84-0025          F-15                USAF                  Coded BT 
87-0094          CH-47               USA 
87-0242          F-16                USAF                  Coded WG 
87-0442          AH-64A              USA 
87-0750          OH-58               USA 
88-26059         UH-60               USA 
89-0025          F-16                TURKISH AIR FORCE 
90-0255          F-15                USAF                  Coded LN 
ANG-7            BR1150II            FRENCH NAVY 
B01              MIRAGE 2000         AdlA                  Also F-ZWYR Coded RDY 
BA02             MIRAGE 5            FAB                   Nose Only 
C-GVRJ           CL600-2B19 
CC-PZG           T-35 
CCCP-64006       TU-204              BRAVIA 
CCCP-76701       IL-78M 
CCCP-82006       AN-124              AEROFLOT 
CCCP-82020       AN-124              AEROFLOT 
CCCP-82032       AN-124              AEROFLOT 
CCCP-95448       MI-17 
D-CATI           DO-328 
D-HFHV           BO105 
D-HIMC           MBK117 
EC-100           CN235 
F-GIBI           AS355 
F-GJMJ           200 
F-GLBD           TBM-700 
F-GLFC           TB-200 
F-GLFJ           TB-20 
F-WWBA           A340                AIRBUS INDUSTRIES 
G-AXOM		 BAe125-400
G-BLJE           B206 
G-BMPL		 Optica
G-BNTM           AS202 
G-BSPR           BN-2A               MAURITIUS COAST GUARD  Also MP-CG-02  2238 
G-BSTE           AS355 
G-BTEU           SA365 
G-BTIS           AS355 
G-BTTP           146                 CHINA NORTHEASTERN 
G-BTXG           J31 
G-BUFI           RJ70 
G-BUKJ           ATP                 TURKISH AIRLINES 
G-DAAM           R22 
G-EEVS           A109 
G-EFSM           T67 
G-FFRA		 Falcon 20
G-FMAL           B206 
G-GAYL		 Lj35
G-GAZZ           SA341 
G-GGCC           B206 
G-ISEE           RJ85 
G-JMAC           J41 
G-JONN           B206 
G-LRBJ           125 
G-NEVL           L35 
G-OIII           RJ100 
G-OIOI		 EH101
G-OSAS           146 
G-OSIB           B206 
G-PJRT           J41 
G-RAAR		 BAe125-800
G-SAHI		 FLS Sprint 160
G-SFPA           C406 
G-SHZZ           B206 
G-SUPR           J31 
G-TILT           B206 
G-TMMC           AS355 
KAF115           EMB-312             KUWAIT AIR FORCE 
LN-BNJ           DHC-6               WILDROE 
N197CV           C560 
N219CC           C650 
N520QP           MD520N 
N400GA		 Gulfstream IV
N6008X           RC114 
N604CC           CL601 
N614AV           METRO 23 
N81918           400 
N8270R           350                                       Marked as G-CCCB 
N96BF            C-47 
OE-LEA           DHC-8               INTEROT               Also D-BIER 
OK-BYF           L-410UVP            CZECH GOVERNMENT 
OK-XKB           C408 
RA-08069         MI-26T 
RA-13001         MI-34 
RG-3             L-90                FINNISH AIR FORCE 
SE-003           SAAB 2000 
SE-C12           SF-340              AMERICAN EAGLE        Also N312AE 
VR-CDD           MD520 N 
XW894/52	 GAZELLE HT2	     RN 705sqn		   seen on 12th
ZG531            HARRIER             RAF 
ZG532            HARRIER             RAF 
ZE808		 TORNADO F3	     RAF 25sqn, spec mks   seen on 12th
ZH107            E-3                 RAF 
ZS-LYW           C-47 

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