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Bentwaters 1988

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Date: 21 August 1988

Made by: Rod Brown, Peter Kesselaar, Peter Norris

Updated: 8 February 2003

FA78                    F-16A                   31sm
MT31                    CM-170                  33sm
512/2-FI                Mir.2000B               EC2/2
A515                    Al.3                    GpLV
B-70                    Bö105C                  299sq
K-3012                  NF-5A                   314sq
23+01                   F-104G                  WTD61
41+65                   A-Jet                   JBG41
44+44                   Tornado         	JBG31
XH175                   Canberra PR9            1PRU
WK127/CS                Canberra TT18           100sq
XL613/613               Hunter T7A              237OCU
XV474/M         	Phantom FGR2            56sq
WR963/63                Shackleton AEW2 	8sq
ZA141/B         	VC10-K2         	101sq
80-0195/WR              A-10A                   510TFS
80-0274/WR              A-10A                   510TFS
80-0207/WR              A-10A                   92TFS
80-0217/WR              A-10A                   92TFS
84-0458                 C-23A                   10MAS
91523                   KC-135Q         	9SRW
68-0554/ZR              RF-4C                   38TRS
69-7234/SP              F-4G                    480TFS
84-0017/BT              F-15C                   36TFW
85-1479/WR/01           F-16C                   527AS
86-0255/SP              F-16C                   480TFS
74-0185/LN              F-111F                  494TFS
70-1625                 CH-53C                  67ARRS

FA77                    F-16A                   23sm
24/2-FM         	Mir. 2000C              EC2/2
MM54481/1               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54474/2               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54475/3               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54477/4               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54478/5               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54551/6               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54485/7               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54483/8               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54536/9               MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
MM54552/10              MB.339PAN               Frecce Tricolori
A-350, A-351, A-390     Alouette 3              Grasshoppers
A-398, A-499            Alouette 3              Grasshoppers
K-3049                  NF-5A                   314sq
44+52                   Tornado                 JBG31			also logged as 44+62
ZB625/N         	Gazelle HT3             2FTS
XX325/X        		Hawk T1A                2TWU
XX329/C        		Hawk T1A                2TWU			also logged as XX239
XV195/195               Hercules C1P            LTW
LF363/NV-L              Hurricane 2C            BoBMF
XW323/44, XW374/38      Jet Provost T5A         RAFC
XX494/B         	Jetstream T1            6FTS
PA474/PM-M              Lancaster 1             BoBMF
XZ455/712, ZA175/713    Sea Harrier FRS1        899sq
XZ596                   Sea King HAR3           202sq
AB910/BP-O              Spitfire 5B             BoBMF
ZA553/01                Tornado GR1             27sq
84-0015/BT              F-15C                   36TFW
G-ATBG                  Nord 1002               '17'
G-BCNX                  Piper L4 Cub            '540'
G-BICE                  AT6C Harvard            private
NX1337A                 F4U-7                   '133722/15F22'
	                Kittyhawk 3             private 'FR870/GA-S'

Flying only:
4x                      A-10A                   510TFS
81-978/WR               A-10A                   78TFS
95820                   HC-130N         	67ARRS
10928                   CH-53C                  67ARRS

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