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Alconbury 1990(2)

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Date: 12 August 1990

Made by:


GA-10A      80-0219/AR    BDR `PHOENIX`
F-4C        63-7419/SA       BDR
F-4N        153008           BDR
F-5E        01532            GATE
F-101B      56-0312/AR       BDR
U-2CT       56-6692          BDR

A-10A       81-0979/AR gy    10 TFW/509 TFS `509 TFS`
B-52G       58-0203          2 BW/62 BS
C-23A       84-0459          322 MAW/10 MAS
EC-130H     73-1584/SB       66 ECW/43 ECS
KC-135E     58-0087  cammo   108 ARW/150 ARS `Jersey Girl`
F-4G        69-7558/SP r     52 TFW/480 TFS
F-16C       85-1552/SP mlt   52 TFW         `52 TFW`
F-16C       85-1446/RS r/bk  86 TFW/526 TFS
F-16C       85-1461/RS r/bk  86 TFW/526 TFS
F-16C       85-1464/RS r/bk  86 TFW/526 TFS
F-16C       85-1477/RS r/bk  86 TFW/526 TFS
F-111F     70-2379/LN b     48 TFW/492 TFS
TR-1A       80-1083          17 RW/95 RS
F-16A       E-599            ESK-730
F-16B       ET-204           ESK-727
F-16A       J-204            322 SQN
F-16A       J-250            323 SQN
RF-4E       35+46            AKG-51
F-4F        37+21            JG-74
F-4F        38+48            JG-74
Alpha Jet   41+16            JBG-43
Tornado     43+33            JBG-38
Tornado     44+24            JBG-38
Buccaneer S2B   XX895         208 SQN
Canberra BI8    WT333         RAE
Canberra PR9    XH134/AA      1 PRU
Harrier GR5     ZD379/10      1 SQN
Hawk T1         XX310         4 FTS
Hawk T1A        XX319         79 SQN/1 TWU
Hunter T7       XL565         No Mark`s
Jetstream T1    XX493/L       6 FTS
JP T5B          XW431/A       6 FTS
Nimrod MR2P     XV230         Kinloss
Tornado F3      ZE835/EE      23 SQN 
Tornado F3      ZE838/-       25 SQN   Spcl Mk`s
Tucano T1       ZF210         7 FTS

Alpha Jet   E25/1         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E156/2         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E172/3         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E36/4         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E107/5         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E19/6         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E59/7         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E52/8         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E55/9         Patrouille de France
Alpha Jet   E170/0         Patrouille de France
C-160F          F99/61-ZQ        ET-60        
Nimrod MR2P     XV232           Kinloss
Tucano T1       ZF172            7 FTS
Tucano T1       ZF244            7 FTS
B-17G           124485/DF-A      G-BEDF
B-25D           KL161/VO-B       N88972
Harvard IIA     EX280            G-TEAC
Harvard IIB     FE992            G-BDAM
Harvard IV      FT239            G-BINX
Harvard IV      54137/69         G-CTKL
PBY-5A          JU-928/Y         G-BLSC
FG-1D           29               N8297
F-4U7           133722/15F-22    NX-1337A
TBM-3E          X2               N6827C
P-51D           472773/AJ-C    
Buchon          14               G-HUNN
Nord 1002       NJ+CII           G-ATBG
Spitfire IX     MH434/CK-D      G-ASJV
Spitfire XIX    PM631/N         BOBMF
Hurricane IIC   LF363/GN-A      B0BMF
Lancaster B1    PA474/PM-M      BOBMF

Far Side:
A-10A           80-0157/AR       10 TFW  No Sqn Mk`s                    
C-130E          63-9815          314 TAW/48 TAS
F-4G            69-7262/SP r     52 TFW/480 TFS
F-16C           88-0400/SP r     52 TFW/480 TFS
F-111F          70-2365/LN b     48 TFW/492 TFS
TR-1A           80-1081          17 RW/95 RS
TR-1A           80-1088          17 RW/95 RS
TR-1A           80-1099          17 RW/95 RS
TR-1B           80-1065          9 SRW Loan
DHC-6           730/65-CA        ET-65
N-262           94/AU            ET-65
Jaguar GR1A     XX745/07        226 OCU
Jaguar GR1A     XX965           226 OCU  Spcl Mk`s
Tornado F3      ZE760/AP        229 OCU
Hercules C1P    XV221           LTW
Hawk T1A        XX227   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX237   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX252   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX253   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX260   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX264   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX294   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX306   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX307   Red Arrows
Hawk T1A        XX308   Red Arrows

A-10A 509TFS:  80-0237 80-0277 81-0939 81-0987 82-0657
      511TFS:  77-0235 77-0250 77-0254 77-0259 77-0263 77-0264 81-0967


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