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Duxford 1980

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Date: 16 June 1980

Made by: Michael Wilson


Liveside & Flying Display Aircraft:
ZA802		Gazelle HT.3		RAF CFS			
XX300		Hawk T.1		RAF 1TWU		
XX302		Hawk T.1		RAF 1TWU		
PZ865		Hurricane IIc		RAF BBMF		
XW294		J.Provost T.5A	  	RAF			
PA474/AJ-G	Lancaster I		RAF BBMF		
WF791		Meteor T.7		RAF Vintage Pair	
XV488/R		Phantom FGR.2  		RAF 228OCU		
P7350		Spitfire IIa		RAF BBMF		
XH304		Vampire T.11		RAF Vintage Pair	
XM652		Vulcan B.2		RAF 35Sqn.		
WB271/204	Firefly AS.5		RN RNHF			
EI-BGO		CL.44D-4		Aer Turas
G-ACLL		DH.85 Leopard Moth			
G-AEPH		Bristol F.2b Fighter 	'D8096'		
G-AHIZ		DH.82A Tiger Moth			
G-ALGT		Spitfire XIV 		'RM619'			
G-AMRK		Gladiator I 		'L8032'			
G-ANZU		DH.82A Tiger Moth			
G-AOEI		DH.82A Tiger Moth			
G-ARZB		Wallis WA.116 Srs.1			
G-ASKH		Mosquito T.3 		'RR299'			
G-AWII		Spitfire Vc 		'AR501'			
G-AWJX		Zlin Z.526 Akrobat			
G-AWRY		Provost T.1 		'XF836'			
G-AXDH		BN.2A Islander 		(Red Devils)             
G-AYAK		Yak C.11                        
G-BBOH		Pitts S.1S Special              
G-BCBL		Fairchild Argus III 	'HB751'     
G-BECZ		CAARP CAP.10B                   
G-BEDF		B-17G Fortress 		'485784'         
G-BEDV		Varsity T.1 		'WJ 945'            
G-BEFR		Fokker DR.I replica             
G-BEOZ		A.W.650 Argosy 101	A.B.C.  
G-BFPL		Fokker D.VII replica            
G-BHUD		C-47A Dakota III                
LN-TEX		T-6G Texan                      
N 18V		Be.D.17S Staggerwing 	'DR628/PBI'

Visiting Aircraft:
G-AHAY		Auster J/1 Autocrat					
G-ASFJ		Be.P.35 Bonanza						
G-ATAO		PA.24-250						
G-ATLB		Jodel DR.1050M-1 Excellence				
G-ATLM		Ce.F.172G						
G-ATOI		PA.28-140						
G-ATOJ		PA.28-140						
G-AVIR		Ce.F.172H						
G-AVLI		PA.28-140						
G-AVYS		PA.28R-180				
G-AXDK		Jodel DR.315 Petit Prince
G-AXJW		PA.28-140		
G-AXTL		PA.28-140		
G-AYKL		Ce.F.150L		
G-AYLO		AA.1 Yankee		
G-AYRM		PA.28-140		
G-BAIG		PA.34-200		
G-BBFD		PA.28R-200		
G-BBJV		Ce.F.177RG		
G-BBMN		DHC.1 Chipmunk 22	
G-BCIR		PA.28-151               
G-BEVO		Sportavia-Putzer RF-5   
G-BFRV		Ce.FA.152                
G-BGSA		SOCATA Rallye 150GT      
G-BGVB		Jodel DR.315 Petit Prince
G-BGZB		Ce.FR.177RG              
G-TAXY		PA.31-300                
G-VWSE		Ce.404                   
G-WRAY		PA.32RT-300              
PH-BAA		PA.31-350                
PH-MTA		Mooney M.20              

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