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Abingdon 1985

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Date: 14 September 1985

Made by: Jason Ganner

Updated:  31 August 2021

AT08        		Alphajet
133345        		CT-133
JI018            	Jaguar        	Indian AF
67-0173        		C-5A
68-0404, 68-0496/RS	F-4E
80-0575, 81-0713/HR	F-16A
LX-N90456     		E-3A

K5414 Hind DF128 DH.82 LB375 Taylorcraft LF363 Hurricane PA474 Lancaster PK624, PM631 Spitfire RG333 Messenger TE311 Spitfire WA669 Meteor T7 WB271 Firefly WH703, WH856, WH869 Canberra WJ680, WJ867, WV787 Canberra WK589, WP805, WP901 DHC-1 WP914, WZ847, WZ877 DHC-1 WW397 Provost WG655 Sea Fury XH304 Vampire T11 XH537, XL426 Vulcan XH671 Victor XK943, XP352 Whirlwind XM191 Lightning (nose only) XP541 Gnat XR679 Jet Provost XS597, XS639 HS780 XS711 Dominie XS929 Lightning XT283 Buccaneer WT723, XF357, XL613 Hunter XV195, XV208 Hercules XV239, XV255 Nimrod XV337 Buccaneer XV406, XV436 Phantom XW236 Puma XW295, XW322, XW323 Jet Provost XW763 Harrier XX143, XX719, XX723 Jaguar XX732, XX836, XX838 Jaguar XX843, XX962, XX966 Jaguar XZ108, XZ112, XZ358 Jaguar XZ367, XZ372, XZ399 Jaguar ZB615 Jaguar XX165, XX167, XX172 Hawk XX176, XX232, XX284 Hawk XX300, XX344 Hawk XX496, XX498 Jetstream XX524, XX526, XX528 Bulldog XX535, XX544, XX546 Bulldog XX547, XX548, XX552 Bulldog XX553, XX554, XX639 Bulldog XX640, XX661, XX695 Bulldog XZ594 Sea King XZ941 Gazelle ZA609 Tornado ZA705 CH-47 ZA803, ZB625 Gazelle ZA947 C-47 ZD230, ZD231, ZD235 VC-10 ZD236, ZD237, ZD238 VC-10 ZD239, ZD240, ZD241 VC-10 ZD242, ZD243 VC-10 ZD703 HS125 ZD903, ZD933, ZD937 Tornado
G-AKKB Messenger G-AMRK/K8032 Gladiator I G-AMSV C-47 G-ARDE DH.104
G-AYJP PA-28 G-BLSC/JV928 PBY5 G-BLZN Bell 206 G-CJCI/U-143 Pilatus P2 G-COIN Bell 206 G-MACH SF260
G-OODI Pitts S-1D G-THEA Stearman N18V Beech Traveler

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