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Halton 1981

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Date: 13 June 1981

Made by: anonymous


A1742		Scout D replica
-		Avro 504
D3419		Sopwith Camel replica
DF130		Tigermoth		(G-BACK)
FT229		Harvard IIb		(G-AZKI)
TF956		Sea Fury FB11		RNHF
WF791		Meteor 7		RAF Leeming
WG307		Chipmunk 22		(G-BCYJ)
XH304		Vampire T11		RAF Leeming
XM370		Jet Provost T3A		7 FTS
XP359		Whirlwind HAR10		Exhibition Abingdon
XV211		Hercules C1		38 Group
XX225		Hawk T1			4 FTS
XZ586		Sea King HAR3		18 Group
ZA632		Venture T3		613 VGS
385		Harvard IV		(G-BGPB) RAF c/s

Instructional airframes 1 SoTT:
XR140		Argosy E1
8454M/XP442	Argosy C2
8145M/XJ526	Sea Vixen FAW2
8449M/G-ASWJ	Beagle 206
8204M/XM271	Canberra B8
8491M/WJ880	Canberra T4
8492M/WJ872	Canberra T4
8548M/WT407	Canberra PR7
8579M/WT534	Canberra PR7
8079M/XN492	Jet Provost T3
8083M/XM367	Jet Provost T3
8084M/XM369	Jet Provost T3
8237M/XS179	Jet Provost T4
8238M/XS180	Jet Provost T4
8239M/XS210	Jet Provost T4
8407M/XP585	Jet Provost T4
8409M/XS209	Jet Provost T4
8410M/XR662	Jet Provost T4
8458M/XP672	Jet Provost T4
8459M/XR650	Jet Provost T4
8506M/XR704	Jet Provost T4
8507M/XS215	Jet Provost T4
8508M/XS218	Jet Provost T4
8510M/XP567	Jet Provost T4
8416M/XR643	Jet Provost T4
8606M/XP570	Gnat T1
8607M/XP538	Gnat T1
8608M/XP540	Gnat T1
8609M/XR953	Gnat T1
8617M/XM709	Gnat T1
8618M/XP504	Gnat T1
8619M/XP511	Gnat T1
8620M/XP534	Gnat T1
8621M/XR538	Gnat T1
8622M/XR980	Gnat T1
8623M/XR988	Gnat T1
8624M/XS102	Gnat T1
8661M/XJ727	Whirlwind HAR10
8662M/XR458	Whirlwind HAR10
8671M/XJ435	Whirlwind HAR10
8674M/XP395	Whirlwind HAR10

Civil visitors:
G-ASDL		Terrier 2
G-ASST		Cessna 150D
G-ASZB		Cessna 150E
G-ATBL		DH60G Moth
G-ATHD		Chipmunk 22
G-AVUA		F172H Skyhawk
G-AWGM		Kittiwake
G-AWYO		Pup 100
G-AYAK		Yak C11
G-AYCF		Cessna 150K
G-AYIJ		Stampe SV4B
G-AYJU		Cessna 206A
G-AYWT		Stampe SV4C
G-BAOG		MS880B Rallye
G-BCLS		Cessna 170B
G-BDKS		Pitts S2A
G-BECM		Pitts S2A
G-BEVB		MS892E Rallye
G-BEXS		Cessna F150M
G-BFAF		Aeronca 7BCM
G-BFBA		DR100A Ambassadeur
G-BFCY		B206B Jetranger II
G-BGPD		L-4H Cub
G-BGWV		Aeronca 7AC
G-BHMO		PA-20M Pacer
G-BHOL		DR1050 Ambassadeur
G-BHVV		L-4H Cub
G-BJHK		Acrosport I
G-BOOK		Pitts S1S
G-BPYN		L-4H Cub
G-IOSI		DR1051 Sicile
G-NORD		Nord NC854
G-OODI		Pitts S1D
G-POOH		J-3C Cub
G-PLAN		Cessna F150L
G-SOLO		Pitts S2S
G-SPIN		Pitts S2A
G-UIDE		Jodel D120

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