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Leuchars 1981

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Date: 19 September 1981

Made by: Clive Patt

Updated: 14 December 2001

R-887         F-104G                ESK723 
RT-664        TF-104G               ESK723 
51            SUPER ETENDARD 
52            SUPER ETENDARD 
101           FALCON 10 
250/12-KQ     MIRAGE F1C 
C-10	      F27-300M		    334sq
290           F-16A                 338SKV 
292           F-16A                 338SKV 
905           F-5A                  338SKV 
909           F-5B                  338SKV 
62-3505       KC-135A               509BW 
68-563/AR     RF-4C PHANTOM         10TRW 
70-419/LN     F-111F AARDVARK       495TFS 
74-01534/36   F-5E TIGER            527TFTS 
77-270/WR     A-10A THUNDERBOLT 
69-7201/WW    F-4G		    37TFW	HAS area
69-7560/WW    F-4G		    37TFW	HAS area
78-549/BT     F-15C EAGLE           525TFS 
79-039/BT     F-15C EAGLE           525TFS 
XX919         BAC-111 402AP         RAE 
XX662         BULLDOG T.1 
XX663/B	      BULLDOG T.1
XX665/E       BULLDOG T.1           UAS 
XX666/C	      BULLDOG T.1
XX667/D	      BULLDOG T.1
XH568	      CANBERRA B.6 (MOD)    RAE
VP968	      DEVON C.2      	    207 SQN
XS731/J	      DOMINIE T.1	    6FTS
XV748/13      HARRIER GR.3          233 OCU
XX195         HAWK T.1A		    63sq/2TWU
XX227         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX246         HAWK T.1A 	    63sq/2TWU
XX251         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX252         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX253         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX257         HAWK T.1   	    Red Arrows
XX259         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX260         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX264         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX266         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX306         HAWK T.1A  	    Red Arrows
XX310/310     HAWK T.1		    4FTS
XX332/F	      HAWK T.1		    2TWU
XV184/184     HERCULES C.3          LTW 
XV187/187     HERCULES C.1          LTW 
XV204/204     HERCULES C.1          LTW 
XX507         HS125 CC.2 
XE606         HUNTER FGA.9 
XE624         HUNTER FGA.9 
XF321         HUNTER T.7 
XG160         HUNTER F.6A 
XX722         JAGUAR GR.1A 
XX754/23      JAGUAR GR.1A          226 OCU
XM370         JET PROVOST T.3A 
XW319         JET PROVOST T.5A 
XX482/J	      JETSTREAM T.1         6FTS
XP741         LIGHTNING F.3 
XP753         LIGHTNING F.3 
XN766	      LIGHTNING F.2A 	    TFF
XN781	      LIGHTNING F.2A 	    TFF
XM169	      LIGHTNING F.1A 	    TFF
XM178	      LIGHTNING F.1A 	    TFF
WF791         METEOR  T.7 
XV228/28      NIMROD MR.2           KMW 
XT867/BH      PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XT872/BT      PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV567         PHANTOM FG.1 
XV582/F       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN  
XV587/BR      PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV588         PHANTOM FG.1 
XT860/L       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XV571/A       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XB576/D       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XV577/M       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XV579/R       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XV590/X       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XV585/P       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XV586/J       PHANTOM FG.1          43 SQN
XT863/G       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XT864/J       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XT873/A       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XT857/C       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XT874/E       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV569/Q       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV570/N       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV583/B       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV591/M       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV592/L       PHANTOM FG.1          111 SQN 
XV664         SEA KING AEW.2A 
XV708/PW-702  SEA KING HAS.2A	    819 SQ
WP320	      SEA PRINCE T.1 	    stored?
WL756/56      SHACKLETON AEW.2      8 SQN
ZA541	      TORNADO GR.1(T)       TWCU
XH304         VAMPIRE T.11          CFS 
XL317         VULCAN B.2 
XR504         WESSEX HC.2 
XR588	      WESSEX HC.2

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