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Aldergrove 1958

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Date: 20 September 1958

Made by: Ashley Annis


ANSON 19                VM330
ANSON 21                VV308
AUSTER AOP9             TW641
AUSTER AOP9             VF578
AUSTER AOP9             VF661
BALLIOL                 WG175
CANBERRA                WH971
CANBERRA                WK107
CANBERRA                WT308
CHIPMUNK T10            WB920
CHIPMUNK T10            WD356
CHIPMUNK T10            WG304
CHIPMUNK T10            WP907
CHIPMUNK T10            WZ847
COMET C2                XH671
HASTINGS                TG623
JAVELIN                 XH703
JAVELIN                 XH834
MOSQUITO TT35           RS718
SEA HAWK                WM934
SEA HAWK                WM973
SEA HAWK                WM975
SEA HAWK                WM996
SYCAMORE HR14           XE317
SYCAMORE HR14           XG508
SHACKLETON MR1          WG525
SHACKLETON MR2          WG530
SHACKLETON MR3          WR989
SHACKLETON MR3          WZ399
VAMPIRE T11             XH293
VAMPIRE T11             XH294
VICTOR B1               XA921
VULCAN B1               XH482

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