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Chivenor 1989

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Date: 26 July 1989

Made by: David Robins


XV353                   BUCCANEER S2B           208SQN
WG468                   CHIPMUNK T10            4AEF
XX157                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX246                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX345/Y                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX233                   HAWK T1                 CFS / Red Arrows
XZ369/EF                JAGUAR GR1A             6SQN
XT910/CJ                PHANTOM FGR2            228OCU
ZD893/AG                TORNADO GR1             9SQN
XZ563/3                 VENTURE T2              624VGS
AT05                    ALPHA JET               FAB / 9WG
AT151                   Sk35XD                  RDAF / Esk729
E597                    F16A                    RDAF / Esk730
B76                     BO105C                  Klu / 299SQN
NZ4203                  P3K                     RNZAF / 5SQN

Hangar B:
XX219/T                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN

Hangar G:
WT806                   HUNTER F4               2TWU

Hangar E:
XX326/A                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX330/D                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX335/I                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX281/O                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX285/R                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX322/W                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN

Hangar H:
WB560                   CHIPMUNK T10            4AEF
WP833                   CHIPMUNK T10            4AEF
XX257                   HAWK T1                 Ex CFS / Red Arrow (wreck)
XX158                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX204/H                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX205/V                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
P7350/UO-T              SPITFIRE IIa            BBMF

XV355                   BUCCANEER S2B           208SQN
ZB625/N                 GAZELLE HT3             2FTS
XZ129/3C                HARRIER GR3             233OCU
XV808/3J                HARRIER GR3             233OCU
XX255                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX256                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX263                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX282                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX320                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX202/P                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX228/Q                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX230/M                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX283/Z                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX301/L                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX325/X                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX332/F                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX227                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX237                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX252                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX253                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX260                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX264                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX266                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX294                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX306                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
XX308                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows
ZH200                   HAWK 200                BAe WARTON
XV195                   C130 C1P                LTW
XV290                   C130 C3P                LTW
XN494/43                J.PROVOST T3A           1FTS
XN497/52                J.PROVOST T3A           1FTS
XV396/CI                PHANTOM FGR2            228OCU
XV406/CK                PHANTOM FGR2            228OCU
ZA393                   TORNADO GR1             TWCU / 45SQN
ZE292/AU                TORNADO F3              229OCU
ZE156/AV                TORNADO F3              229OCU
XZ675/M                 LYNX AH1                671SQN
XZ647/N                 LYNX AH1                671SQN
A350                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A390                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A398                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A465                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A499                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
JV928/Y                 PBY5A                   G-BLSC
HB275                   BEECH 18                N5063N
G-AZSC                  HARVARD T2
FE992                   HARVARD T2              G-BDAM
FT239                   HARVARD T2              G-BIWX
A1-110                  HARVARD T2              N15798
80483/JW483             F7F-3                   N6178C
-+14                    PILATUS P2?             G-PTWO

WT629                   CANBERRA TT18           BDRT
ZD982/FI                CHINOOK HC1             240OCU
XX186                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN                    
XX195                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX199                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX203                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX278                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX287                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX289                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX321                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX331                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX334                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX346                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX349                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX352                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX201/N                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX265/U                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX284/E                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX314/S                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX329/C                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XL567                   HUNTER T7               BDRT
XW225/FE                PUMA HC1                240OCU

Flying only:
XV246                   NIMROD MR2              St Mawgan WG
LF363/GN-A              HURRICANE IIc           BBMF
PS915                   SPITFIRE XIX            BBMF
WG655/910GN             S.FURY T20              RNHF
LX-N90457               E3A                     NATO

22 Sqn hangar:
XT604                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XV730                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XD186                   WHIRLWIND HAR10         PRESERVED

Main gate:
XF509                   HUNTER F6               PRESERVED

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