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Farnborough 2006

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Date: 17-23 July 2006

Made by: Scramble, Steve Mitchell, Hans


During the airshow week, aircraft are towed from one location to another. Starting point
for the list that we publish on this webpage are the logs that we received from Saturday
the 22nd of July. Aircraft that were only present during the trade days and had already
departed on the 22nd are still mentioned in this list, but are marked with a #.

Textron Area:
166391/MV-22		MV-22B		VMX-22
N208AZ			Ce208B		Cessna           
N613XL	                Ce560XLS	Cessna   
N361TL	                Ce525B		Cessna           
N255MK	                Bell 430	ex N430SF
N120HH	                Bell 407                 

Alenia Area:
MM62170/10-01		ATR42-400MP	3°Nucleo Aereo
CSX616			C-27J		Alenia		4115, dep 22
MM7278/4-12		EF2000		9°Gr
CMX616			M346		Aermacchi	002
I-PATS			M311		Aermacchi	201

AgustaWestland Area:
M-503			EH101 Mk512	Esk 722
MM81421/E.I.951		A129CBT		1°Gr Sqd AVES
191/ZK115		Lynx 300	for South Africa
(15027)/27		Hkp15A		Hkpflj
I-EASJ			AW139		Abu Dhabi Avn
I-ECOP			A119
I-EITC			A109S

Cross Runway:
ZJ692 #			Sentinel R1	Raytheon	dep 21
F-WWCA	                A340-642	Airbus                
F-WWOW	                A380-841	Airbus                
G-BWXT	                T67M-260	JEFTS                 
G-PBYA "433915"		PBY-5A		ex Canada 11005
N3000B #		T-6B		Raytheon
VT-KFL #		A320-232	Kingfisher Al

Middle Pan - Back Row:
Z3183			ALH Dhruv	HAL                
S3466	                HJT-36 Sitara	HAL	PT1        
04-4134	                C-17A		305th AMW                  
04-8153	                C-130J-30	815th AS AFRC      
B-16703	                B777-35EER	EVA Air            
G-DISA	                Bulldog 125A	ex Jordan 420      
G-FRAK	                Falcon 20EW	FR Aviation        
G-TRAT	                PC-12/45	David Trathen	710
HB-HZC	                PC-21		Pilatus                    
N50SJ	                SJ30-2		Sino-Swearingen            
SP-PSY #		PZL SW-4			600202

Middle Pan - Front Row:
Q-05 #			AH-64D		301sq               
6073	                L-159B		Aero Vodochody      
ZK010	                Hawk Mk128	BAE Systems 
WA638	                Meteor T7mod	Martin Baker
86-0160/LN		F-15C		493rd FS              
97-0221/LN		F-15E	        492nd FS              
91-0405/SP		F-16CJ	        23rd FS               
83-23869		UH-60A	        1-214th AVN	70-694
166675/NJ-134		F/A-18F	        VFA-122               
39802			JAS39B	        Saab/ETPS             
G-SELX			BN-2T		ex UAE 318

XR379			Alouette AH2	AACHF                   
XP820	                Beaver AL1	AACHF                   
XS739	                Dominie T1	55(R)ep 21sq	spec mks
XX201/201		Hawk T1A	208(R)sq
XW210			Puma HC1	33sq     
XT626/Q	                Scout AH1	AACHF   
WV795	                SeaHawkFGA6	FAST    
XZ594/J	                SeaKing HAR3	203(R)sq
ZD715/-	                Tornado GR4	617sq   
C-FGND #		CRJ900		15055
F-WWLG			ATR42-500	Air Madagascar
G-BVEZ	                JetProvost T3A	ex XM479      
G-BVGH	                Hunter T7	ex XL573      
G-BYUT	                G115E Tutor	Wales UAS     
HZ-SJP3 #		CL-604                         
N167GX #	        BD700 XRS			9167   
N200GX #	        G200		Gulfstream             
N406BX #	        Lj45		Bombardier	45-089 
N550GA #	        G550		Gulfstream             
N990GA #	        G450		Gulfstream             
OE-LGJ #	        DHC-8 402	Austrian Arrows

Taxiway Back Row:
F-GSMT			Falcon 900EX	Dassault
F-GUPH			Falcon2000EX	Dassault
F-HAST #		Raytheon 390			RB-149
N541LR #	        BAe125-1000A		        259041
N833CA #	        Beech 1900D		        UE-377
N36726 #	        BAe125-850XP		        258776
N37172 #	        Beech 350		        FL-472

Taxiway Front Row:
HB-LTZ			P180		Fly Wings	1105
N822US			MD-82		Jet Tran Air
UR-14006		An-140-100
(RA-)41250		An-140-100	Yakutia AL

PP-XMB 			ERJ190-100IGW	Embraer		19000002
PT-SFC			ERJ135BJ	Embraer		14500954

ZH895			Chinook HC2A	18sq          
ZH881	                Hercules C5	LTW		dep 22
N67JR	                B727-30				dep 22        
N974VV	                DC-10-40	Omega		46974 

BAe Systems Area:
XX462/W			Gazelle AH1	658(TA)sq
ZJ951			Hawk 100	BAE Systems
ZE495/VA		Viking TX1	615VGS
ZH197/UK		Vigilant T1	618VGS

Unknown location:
ZB686			Gazelle AH1	cabin only

Flightline South Side:
MMCSX62127		C-27J		311ºGr RSV	4033
CMX615			M346		Aermacchi	001
MM7035			Tornado IDS	311ºGr RSV

J4063			ALH Dhruv	HAL
05-05483		AH-64D		Boeing
G-BPWI			Bell 206B	Michal Coates 
G-BXSG	                R22                           
G-ELIT	                Bell 206L	Henfield Lodge
G-ESLH	                A109E		Caledonian Her.       
G-GUST	                AB206B		DNH Helicopters       
G-OAMG	                Bell 206B                     
G-TYCN	                A109E		AJ Walter Aviation    
I-EASH	                AW139                         
N5120	                Bell 430                      
VT-HAP	                ALH Dhruv                     

Flightline North Side:
S3474			HJT-36 Sitara	HAL		hangar
156			MiG-29M(OVT)	Mikoyan-Gurevich
39229/229		JAS39C		FMV		QinetiQ mks
96-0081/SP		F-16CJ		23rd FS
166480/MV-23		MV-22B		VMX-22
166673/NJ		F/A-18F		VFA-122
XW848/D-3, XX447/4	Gazelle AH1	671sq
ZA726/5, ZB673/2	Gazelle AH1	671sq
ZD351/18, ZD406/35	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZD281/K			Lynx AH7	671sq
ZJ122/F			Merlin HC3	28sq
ZD707/077, ZD393/TG	Tornado GR4	15(R)sq
ZF144/144, ZF408/408	Tucano T1	1FTS
ZF515/515		Tucano T1	1FTS
ZJ699 #			Typhoon T1	BAe Warton
ZJ813/BL #		Typhoon T1A	29(R)sq		dep 18
ZJ911/BZ		Typhoon F2	29(R)sq
ZJ920/BX		Typhoon F2	29(R)sq		dep 17, rtn 20
N200UP			Falcon 50

Parked outside Black Sheds:
2640/BJS		EC725		DAOS		dep 22
PZ865/JX-E		Hurricane IIc	BoBMF
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster B1	BoBMF
ZE420/189 #		S King ASAC7	849sq
PM631			Spitfire PR19	BoBMF
ZH116/TB		Vigilant T1	618VGS		dep 22
ZJ968/SN #		Vigilant T1	616VGS
G-BYPA			AS355F2
G-LFIX			Spitfire T9	ex ML407
G-RRGN			Spitfire PR19	ex PS853
BGA4566/JKC		MDM-1 Fox

Far side flightlines / TAG Area:
A6-HEH			B737-8AJ	UAE Gvmt       
CS-DKD	                G-V		NetJets Europe         
EI-MAX	                Lj31A                          
G-CDLT	                Hawker 800XP                   
G-FTSL	                CL-604                         
G-PHTO	                Raytheon 390                   
G-PRKR	                CL-604                         
G-VONJ?	                Raytheon 390                   
N9SZ	                Cirrus SR22                    
N462XP	                Beech 400A			RK-462 
N526EE	                G-V                            
N6088F	                Commander 114B                 
N37101	                Beech B200			BB-1931
OY-WET	                Ce680                          
SE-RCL	                Ce560XL                        
VP-BDU	                BD700                          
VP-BUS	                G-IV                           
ZS-JDL	                Ce680                          

Flying only:
XX179			Hawk T1W	Red Arrows
XX227, XX253 		Hawk T1A	Red Arrows
XX260, XX264		Hawk T1A	Red Arrows
XX233, XX308		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
2x			Hawk		Red Arrows

Visitors 10th:
48119			An-32		Russian AF
165737/BH-737		KC-130J		VMGR-252

Visitors 11th:
MM62186/46-51		C-130J		50ºGr
ZA670			Chinook HC2	(27sq)
ZJ137/W			Merlin HC3	28sq
165739/BH-739		KC-130J		VMGR-252

Visitors 12th:
ZF144/144, ZF155/155	Tucano T1	1FTS

Visitors 14th:
XX303			Hawk T1A	BAE
ZJ921/BW		Typhoon F2	29(R)sq
85-0061/DY		B-1B		7th BW

Visitors 15th:
ZH886/886		Hercules C5	LTW

Visitors 17th:
501			Hawk Mk129	Bahrein AF
5/F-RAFI		Falcon 50	ETEC00.065
103/XI			TBM-700		ETEC00.065
MM62210			Falcon 900EX	93ºGr
U-06			Fokker 50	334sq
A6-DAS			B737-7Z5	Amiri Flight
A6-MRM			B737-8EC	Dubai Air Wing
ZR321, ZR323		A109E		32(TR)sq
ZJ137/W			Merlin HC3	28sq
ZJ921/BW		Typhoon F2	29(R)sq
02-0202, 02-0203	C-40C		201st AS DC ANG
166377			C-37B		VR-1
G-BXRS			Scout AH1	ex XW613

Visitors 18th:
MM62243			A319-112CJ	306ºGr
4201			An-26B-100	241.dsl
ZR321, ZR323		A109E		32(TR)sq
ZJ137/W			Merlin HC3	28sq
ZJ517/17		Nimrod MRA4	BAE Woodford	flypast
86-0103/DY		B-1B		7th BW		flypast
87-24583, 87-24584	UH-60A		Shape Flt Det.

Visitors 19th:
MM62174			A319-115CJ	306ºGr
ZR321, ZR323		A109E		32(TR)sq
100009/009		Tp100C		F21

Visitors 20th:
131/XQ			TBM-700		ETEC00.065
MM62164			P180AM		311ºGr RSV	dep 22
ZR321			A109E		32(TR)sq
ZJ279/79		Squirrel HT1	DHFS

Visitors 22nd:
ZH880/880		Hercules C5	LTW
ZJ517/17		Nimrod MRA4	BAE Woodford
ZJ279/79		Squirrel HT1	DHFS
G-AMPY			DC-3C		Air Atlantique
G-AMRA			DC-3C		Air Atlantique
G-FRAF, G-FRBA		Falcon 20	FR Aviation	flypast

Visitors 23rd:
48119			An-32		Russian AF

Visitors 24th:
MM62196/46-42		C-130J		50ºGr
165739/BH-739		KC-130J		VMGR-252
165809/BH-809 		KC-130J		VMGR-252

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