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Finningley 1969

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Date: 20 September 1969

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N2501 Noratlas, FAF
The N2501 Noratlas was a common sight in the 60s and could easily be identified by its twin tailboom configuration. This 166/61-NA was probably support for the Patrouille de France, which were flying with Fouga Magisters in those years.

Photo: Steve Williams

Museum static: 
WZ736          AVRO 707A 
WZ744          AVRO 707C 
XL149          BEVERLEY C1 
WG777          FAIREY DELTA 2 
TG605          HASTINGS C1A 
XF309          HUNTER F4 
WL168          METEOR F8             (AS WH456/L) 
XF545/Z        PROVOST T1 
WG768          SHORT SB5 
TE184/ME-M     SPITFIRE 16 
NL985          TIGER MOTH 
XD506/Z        VAMPIRE T11 
N1671          DEFIANT 

Remaining static: 
XS782          BASSET C1             207SQ. 
WJ815          CANBERRA PR7          58SQ. 
WJ625          CANBERRA T17          360SQ. 
WK574/G        CHIPMUNK T10          CAMBS UAS 
XR951/26       GNAT T1               4FTS 
TG511          HASTINGS T5           SCBS 
XG158/35       HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XN579/49       JET PROVOST T4        RAFFC 
XP705/L        LIGHTNING F3          29SQ. 
WL675          VARSITY T1            SCBS 
XH615          VICTOR BK1            TTF 
XM645          VULCAN B2 
C-7            F27 TROOPSHIP         334SQ KLU 
66-0421        RF4C PHANTOM          10TRW. 

Flying display: 
XS772          BASSET C1             32SQ. 
XR369          BELFAST C1            53SQ. 
XL658          BRITANNIA C1          99SQ. 
XV869/641      BUCCANEER S2          736SQ. 
WP896/5        CHIPMUNK T10          PFS 
XK697          COMET C2              51SQ. 
XL450/764      GANNET AEW3           849SQ. 
XV750          HARRIER GR1           OCU. 
XV292          HERCULES C1           30/47SQ. 
XE596/13       HUNTER FR10           229OCU 
XE653/28       HUNTER                229OCU 
XF386/33       HUNTER                229OCU 
XE644/37       HUNTER                229OCU 
XF418/59       HUNTER                229OCU 
XS175/44       JET PROVOST T4        CFS 
XS212/40       JET PROVOST T4        'RED PELICANS' 
XN468/41       JET PROVOST T4        'RED PELICANS' 
XS226/42       JET PROVOST T4        'RED PELICANS' 
XS213/46       JET PROVOST T4        'RED PELICANS' 
XS225/47       JET PROVOST T4        'RED PELICANS' 
XS217/50       JET PROVOST T4        'RED PELICANS' 
XP738/G        LIGHTNING F3          111SQ. 
XP752/Y        LIGHTNING F3          111SQ. 
XP761/Z        LIGHTNING F3          111SQ. 
XR711/A        LIGHTNING F3          111SQ. 
XR757/V        LIGHTNING F6          11SQ. 
XS423          LIGHTNING T5 
XS454          LIGHTNING T5 
XS933/J        LIGHTNING F6          11SQ. 
VZ567          METEOR F8             229OCU 
XT861/003      PHANTOM FG1           892SQ. 
XT905          PHANTOM FGR2          54SQ. 
XT906          PHANTOM FGR2          54SQ. 
XT911          PHANTOM FGR2          54SQ. 
XV477          PHANTOM FGR2          54SQ. 
XN651/710      SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
RM619/AP-D     SPITFIRE 14 
WF382/Q        VARSITY T1            1ANS 
WL625          VARSITY T1 
WL626/U        VARSITY T1            1ANS 
WL668/X        VARSITY T1            1ANS 
WJ939/Z        VARSITY T1            1ANS 
XH587          VICTOR BK1            57SQ. 
XH588          VICTOR BK1            57SQ. 
XL321          VULCAN B2             SCAMPTON WING 
XL360          VULCAN B2             SCAMPTON WING 
XL390          VULCAN B2             SCAMPTON WING 
XL427          VULCAN B2             SCAMPTON WING 
XP330/Z        WHIRLWIND HAR10       230SQ. 
XD165          WHIRLWIND HAR10       202SQ. 
XR806          VC10                  10SQ. 
XH672          VICTOR SR2            543SQ. 
XS570/477      WASP HAS1             HMS TARTAR 
18/BG          NORATLAS              FAF 
166/61-NA      NORATLAS              FAF 
527            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
529            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
534            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
536            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
541            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
542            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
543            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
544            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
545            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE' 
546            MAGISTER              'PATROUILLE DE FRANCE'    also noted as 540!!! 
69227/RI-N     F5A                   334SQ. NORW.AF 
69228/RI-O     F5A                   334SQ. NORW.AF 
69244/RI-Y     F5A                   334SQ. NORW.AF 
21165/RI-R     F5A                   334SQ. NORW.AF 
D-8049         F104G                 322SQ KLU 

XS781          BASSET C1             207SQ. 
XS784          BASSET C1             207SQ. 
XA549/E        JAVELIN FAW4          (AS XA726) in hangar. 
XH672          VICTOR 
XH498          VULCAN B1A            (BURNT OUT) 
XH505          VULCAN B1A            (INST) 
XH534          VULCAN B1A 
XH537          VULCAN B1A 
XJ782          VULCAN B1A 
XJ784          VULCAN B1A 
XL619          VULCAN 
XM573          VULCAN B1A 
XH554          VULCAN B1A            (ARR) 
XH555          VULCAN B1A            (HANGAR) 

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