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Middle Wallop 1973

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Date: 28 July 1973

Made by:

Updated: 19 March 2002

Type:              Serial:   Code:     Unit:            Notes: 
Alouette AH.2	   XR385 
Auster AOP.9       WZ670 
Auster AOP.9       WZ721 
Auster AOP.9       XP242 
Beaver AL.1        XP771 
Beaver AL.1	   XP810
Beaver AL.1	   XP811
Beaver AL.1        XP812                                XP000  7735M 
Beaver AL.1	   XP814
Beaver AL.1	   XP823
Beaver AL.1        XV268		AFWF
Beaver AL.1        XV270 
Beaver AL.1        XV272 
Chipmunk T.10      WB615     E 		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WB693     S 		IFWF 
Chipmunk T.10      WB754     H  	IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WD325     N 		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WK613     P 		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WK620     T 		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WP772     Q 		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WP928     D		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WP930     J		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WP964  		IFWF
Gazelle AH.1	   XW847		IFTU
Gazelle HC.1       XW849 
Gazelle HC.1       XW851 
Gazelle HT.2       XW853     CU 
Horsa              TL726     74 
Hunter F.6	   XK149     44		229 OCU
Jet Provost T.5    XW288     81		CFS
Jet Provost T.5    XW290     83		CFS
Jet Provost T.5    XW291     84		CFS
Jet Provost T.3    XW406     48  	3 FTS
Jet Provost T.3    XW407     50  	3 FTS
Jet Provost T.5    XW421     90		CFS
Lynx HAS.2         XX510 
Provost T.1 	   WV439     P6		dump?
Puma HC.1	   XV208     CD		33 Sq
Scout AH.1         XP857     E 
Scout AH.1         XP890     G 
Scout AH.1         XP899     D 
Scout AH.1         XP900     C 
Scout AH.1         XP909 
Scout AH.1         XP954     F 
Scout AH.1         XR493 
Scout AH.1         XR600     B 
Scout AH.1         XR637 
Scout AH.1         XT624
Scout AH.1         XT634 
Scout AH.1         XW280 
Scout AH.1         XW613 
Sioux AH.1         XT108     U 
Sioux AH.1         XT110 
Sioux AH.1         XT130     A 
Sioux AH.1         XT131     B 
Sioux AH.1         XT132     Q 
Sioux AH.1         XT134               	Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1         XT136 
Sioux AH.1         XT139     E 
Sioux AH.1         XT141 
Sioux AH.1         XT144     O 
Sioux AH.1         XT151     I 
Sioux AH.1         XT154     K 
Sioux AH.1         XT175                                TAD175 
Sioux AH.1         XT175     N		AFWF
Sioux AH.1         XT192 
Sioux AH.1         XT193               	Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1         XT197 
Sioux AH.1         XT206               	Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1         XT207     J 
Sioux AH.1         XT211     P 
Sioux AH.1         XT228     W 
Sioux AH.1         XT242               	Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1         XT505		667 Sq
Sioux AH.1	   XT511		Blue Eagles
Sioux AH.1         XT801     V 
Sioux AH.1         XW192               	Blue Eagles 
Skeeter AOP.12     XL769 
Skeeter AOP.12     XL813 
Skeeter AOP.12     XL814 
Skeeter AOP.12     XN344 
Sycamore HR.14     XG502 
Vulcan B.2         XL387 
Wessex HAS.1       XM840     20 PO 
Whirlwind HAR.10   XP360     V		CFS
Whirlwind HAR.10   XP405     D		CFS
Alouette II        3E-KE               	Austrian AF FlRgt 2/2    
Alouette II        3E-KJ                Austrian AF FlRgt 2/2    
Alouette II        3E-KK                Austrian AF FlRgt 2/2    
Alouette II        A-48                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-53                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-54                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-59                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-62                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-68                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-70                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        A-79                 FAB 17 Esc               
Alouette II        75+99                HEER HFS 307             
AB.47G		   74+15		HEER
Mil-1              01                   Russian AF VV-S          
Mil-1              02                   Russian AF VV-S          
Spitfire T.8       G-AIDN               Private                  
Skeeter Mk.12      G-AWSV               Private          ex XM553
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXKK               Bristow                  
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXKL               Bristow                  
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXKN               Bristow                  
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXKO               Bristow                  
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXKR               Bristow                  
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXKZ               Bristow                  
Bell 47G-4A        G-AXLA               Bristow                  

Hangar 1:
Chipmunk T.10      WG432     L		IFWF
Chipmunk T.10      WK515     G		IFWF

Hangar 2:
Scout AH.1	   XV131
Scout AH.1	   XW614
Sioux AH.1	   XT163  

Hangar 5:
Scout AH.1	   XP908
Scout AH.1	   XV126  
Scout AH.1	   XV132
Sioux AH.1	   XT168
Sioux AH.1	   XT176
Sioux AH.1	   XT178

Auster		   WZ667     TA200  
Beaver AL.1	   XV269  
Scout AH.1	   XP854     TAD043
Scout AH.1	   XP856
Scout AH.1	   XT625     TAD625
Scout AH.1	   XT636     C
Sioux AH.1	   XT140
Sioux AH.1	   XT150
Skeeter AOP.12     XL762  
Skeeter AOP.12	   XM527

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