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Radlett 1947

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Date: 9-14 September 1947

Made by: Howard J. Curtis


G-ACTJ  	DH Leopard Moth
G-AGOS  	Reid & Sigrist Desford
G-AGPD  	Miles Marathon I
G-AGRX  	Avro Tudor VII
G-AGTG  	Portsmouth Aerocar
G-AGUA  	Airspeed Ambassador I
G-AGUB  	HP Hermes II
G-AGUX  	Percival Proctor III
G-AHMH  	Percival Merganser
G-AIDM  	Supermarine Sea Otter ASR.I
G-AIDN  	Supermarine Spitfire T.8
G-AIDO  	Miles Gemini IA
G-AIFF  	Bristol Freighter XI
G-AIKF  	Fairey Gyrodyne 
G-AJEM  	Auster J/1 Autocrat
G-AJJM  	Miles M.68
G-AJJN  	Vickers Viking IB
G-AJLW  	DH Dove I
G-AJMP  	Percival Proctor IV
G-AJWK  	Miles Aerovan IV
G-AJWR  	Airspeed Consul (Ambulance)
G-AJWS  	Airspeed Consul
G-AKBC  	Elliots AP4 EoN Mk 2
G-AKBE  	Cunliffe-Owen Concordia
G-AKBO  	Miles Messenger IIA
G-AKDN  	DHC.1 Chipmunk 22
U-21    	'Merchantman'
X-2     	Percival Proctor VI
Z-2     	Auster Avis
16658   	Auster AOP.VI
W4050   	DH Mosquito
EK743   	Blackburn Firebrand V
MB750   	Fairey Firefly T.1
NX802   	Hawker Fury I (Centaurus engined)
PX203   	Cierva W.9
RA449   	Gloster Meteor IV
RA716   	Avro Lincoln II (Theseus test bed)
RE348   	Avro Lincoln II
RH747   	Bristol Brigand I
RK787   	Short Sturgeon I
RP151   	Bristol Buckmaster
RT651   	Blackburn Firecrest
TG443   	DH Vampire I
TG502   	HP Hastings I
TS371   	Westland Wyvern I
TS507   	GAL 56/Med V
TS510   	GAL 56/Med U
TS513  		GAL 56/Max V
TF955   	Hawker Sea Fury X
TS409   	Supermarine Attacker
TW695   	Fairey Firefly IV
VF345   	DH Vampire III
VL249   	Vickers Valetta I
VL515   	Scottish Aviation A4/45
VL529   	Heston A2/45 (JC6)
VL892   	Boulton Paul Balliol T.1
VM703   	Avro Lancastrian II (Ghost test bed)
VP207   	Hawker Fury I (Sabre engined)
VP428   	Supermarine Seafire 47
VR192   	Percival Prentice I
VR837   	DH Sea Hornet F.XX
VW120   	DH.108
		Baby Eon
		Olympia Eon
		Primary Eon
		Kirby Gull IV
		Kirby Kite II
		Kirby Tutor
		Slingsby Type 21

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