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Waddington 1980

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Date: 7 June 1980

Made by: David Miller


76-0126	BT		F-15B			36 TFW	                              
80-594	WR	        A-10	                81 TFW	              
68-016	UH	        F-111E	                20 TFW	              
104830		        CF-104		        1 CAG / CAF              
79-0069	BT	        F-15A	                36 TFW	              
66-13562	        OV-10A	                601 TCW	              
77-0291	WR	        A-10A	                81 TFW	              
XV235		        Nimrod MR.1		                      
XH135		        Canberra PR.9		39 Sq.	                      
XL164		        Victor K.2	        57 Sq.	              
XZ964	09	        Harrier GR.3	        1 Sq.	              
XR753		        Lightning F.6	        LTF	              
T5493		        TigerMoth		Private                      
WL756		        Shackleton AEW.2	8 Sq.	              
P7350	QV-B	        Spitfire IIA		BoBMF	                      
LF363	GN-F	        Hurricane IIC	        BoBMF	                      
PA474	AJ-G	        Lancaster	        BoBMF	                      
XM657		        Vulcan B.2	        44 Sq.	                      
XS729	G	        Domini T.1	        6 FTS	                      
XV178		        Hurcules C.1	        LTW	                      
XV492	J	        Phantom FGR.2	        228 OCU	                      
XV729	AE	        Wessex HC.2	        72 Sq.	                      
XW234	CB	        Puma HC.1	        33 Sq.	                      
XW357	5	        Jet Provost T.5	        RAFC	                      
XX482	J	        Jetstream T.1	        METS	                      
XX623	M	        Bulldog T.1	        East Midlands UAS	      
XZ585		        Sea King HAR.3	        202 Sq.	                      
XZ941	AA	        Gazelle HT.3	        CFS	                      
G-ANEF		        TigerMoth	        Private	                      
G-LFCA		        Cessna F.152	        Private		              
XX300			Hawk T.1	        1 TWU	on display in hanger 3
XX110			Jaguar GR.1	        6 Sq.	on display in hanger 3
TF956	123-T		Sea Fury FB.11		FAAHF		                 
RR299	HT-E	        Mosquito T.1			                 
WF791		        Meteor T.7		Vintage Pair	         
XH304		        Vampire T.11		Vintage Pair	         
WL754		        Shackleton AEW.2	8 Sq.		         
WT804	831	        Hunter GA.11		RN  FRADU	"Blue Herons"	 
WT806	838	        Hunter GA.11		RN  FRADU	"Blue Herons" 
WV267	836	        Hunter GA.11		RN  FRADU	"Blue Herons" 
XE682	835	        Hunter GA.11		RN  FRADU	"Blue Herons" 
XV302		        Hercules		Falcons Parachute Team	 
XV488	R	        Phantom FGR.2		228 OCU		                 
XX232		        Hawk T.1		4 FTS	                         
XV242		        Nimrod MR.1		                         
XX719		        Jaguar GR.1		54 Sq.	                         
XX723		        Jaguar GR.1	        54 Sq.	                         
XX726		        Jaguar GR.1	        6 Sq.	                         
XX730		        Jaguar GR.1	        6 Sq.	                         
XM608		        Vulcan B.2	        50 Sq.	 	Scramble Take Off                       
XM651		        Vulcan B.2	        9 Sq.		Scramble Take Off
XJ824		        Vulcan B.2	        44 Sq.	 	Scramble Take Off                        
XM652		        Vulcan B.2	        101 Sq.		Scramble Take Off                  
XX227		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX251		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX252		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX253		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX257		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX259		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX260		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX264		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 
XX266		        Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	                 

Pleasure Flying:				
G-AMPO			DC-3			Air Atlantique
G-BBFE			Jet Ranger	

On Field:			
XE597	F		Hunter FGA.9		2 TWU  
XG207	T	        Hunter FGA.9	        2 TWU  
XR718	C	        Lightning F.3	        LTF    
XR751	A	        Lightning F.3	        LTF    
XV748	B	        Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU
XZ133	A	        Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU
XX113	09	        Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU
XX763	24	        Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU

Based Aircraft:
Vulcan 9sq:	XH557, XM598, XM646
Vulcan 101sq:	XJ748, XM611, XM612, XM655
Vulcan 44sq:	XL388, XM574, XM575, XM594, XM647
Vulcan 50sq:	XM569, XM654
In Hanger 2:			
XM602			Vulcan B.2	
XM605			Vulcan B.2	
In Hanger 4:			
XL386			Vulcan B.2		44 Sq.
XM650			Vulcan B.2		44 Sq.
XL391			Vulcan B.2		101 Sq.
In Hanger 5:			
XL387			Vulcan B.2		50 Sq.
XM606			Vulcan B.2		9 Sq.

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