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Yeovilton 1971

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Date: 17 July 1971

Made by:


J9941/57	Hart 			HSA                              
L2301           Walrus 			FAAM                              
N2078           Sopwith Baby 		FAAM                        
W5984           Swordfish 		FAAM                           
AL246           Martlet 		FAAM                             
KD431           Corsair 		FAAM                             
KE209           Hellcat 		FAAM                             
LF363/LE-D      Hurricane IIC 		BofB Flight           
LS326/5A        Swordfish		FAAHF                       
LZ551           Sea Vampire 		FAAM                         
PM631/AD-C      Spitfire PR19 		BofB Flight           
SX137           Seafire T22 		FAAM                         
TF956           Sea Fury FB11 		FAAM                       
WJ231           Sea Fury FB11 		FAAM                       
VR137           Wyvern TF1 		FAAM                          
WA473           Attacker F1 		FAAM                         
WB271           Firefly AS5 		FAAM                         
WK635/739       Chipmunk T10 		Yeovilton Station Flight
WH292/841       Meteor TT20 		FAAM                     
WN493           Dragonfly HR5 		FAAM                       
WV856/163       Sea Hawk FGA6 		FAAM                   
XA129           Sea Vampire T22 	FAAM                     
XB446           Avenger AS4 		FAAM                         
XD317/R-112     Scimitar F1 		FAAM                   
XL714           Tiger Moth 		Yeovilton Station Flight      
XR109           Argosy C1 		114Sqdn                        
XS784           Bassett CC1 		207Sqdn                      
XK488           Buccaneer S1 		FAAM                        
XV868/656       Buccaneer S2 		736Sqdn                 
XA454/H-264     Gannet COD4 		FAAM                   
XG883/BY-773    Gannet T5 		FAAM                    
XL456/LM-766	Gannet AEW3 		849Sqdn HQ Flight
XL497/LM-760	Gannet AEW3 		849Sqdn HQ Flight
XP225/LM-762	Gannet AEW3 		849Sqdn HQ Flight
XR540/8		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR987/4		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR991/7		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR993/3		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR996/1		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS101/6		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS107/2		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS111/5		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XW918 		Harrier FGR1 		HSA
WT702/VL-737	Hunter T8 		ADS 
WT722/VL-742    Hunter T8               ADS
WT745/VL-745    Hunter T8               ADS
WT755/VL-740    Hunter T8               ADS
WT772/VL-736    Hunter T8               ADS
WV363/VL-747    Hunter T8               ADS
WV396/VL-748	Hunter T8 		Yeovilton Station Flight
XE712/VL-708	Hunter GA11 708/VL/Yeovilton Station Flight
XF289/VL-738 	Hunter T8 		Yeovilton Station Flight
XF321/VL-728 	Hunter T8               Yeovilton Station Flight
XF985/VL-746 	Hunter T8               ADS                     
XF994/VL-718 	Hunter T8               Yeovilton Station Flight
XL580/VL-743 	Hunter T8               ADS                     
XL584/VL-744 	Hunter T8               ADS                     
XW313/72	Jet Provost T5 		1FTS
XV234 		Nimrod MR1 		236OCU
XT857/VL-155 	Phantom FG1 		NASU
XT858 		Phantom FG1 		NASU
XT859/VL-155 	Phantom FG1 		767Sqdn
XT860/R-001     Phantom FG1             892Sqdn
XT863/VL-150    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XT864/VL-152    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XT865/VL-156    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XT866/VL-158    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XT868/VL-153    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XT869/VL-154    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XT870 		Phantom FG1 		NASU
XT872 		Phantom FG1 		NASU
XT876/VL-160 	Phantom FG1 		767Sqdn
XV570/R-014     Phantom FG1             892Sqdn
XV579/VL-157    Phantom FG1             767Sqdn
XV590/R-007     Phantom FG1             892Sqdn
XW212 		Puma HC1 		Westland
XJ324 		Sea Devon C20 		Yeovilton Station Flight
XV649/PO-527    Sea King HAS1 		737Sqdn          
WF137           Sea Prince C1 		FAAM                    
WJ350           Sea Prince C2 		Yeovilton Station Flight
XG737/B-438     Sea Venom FAW22 	FAAM            
XJ490/E         Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU                 
XJ491/H         Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU                 
XJ560/703       Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU               
XJ572/127       Sea Vixen FAW2          NASU      
XJ579/E         Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU                 
XJ604/755       Sea Vixen FAW2 		ADS                
XJ607/VL-701    Sea Vixen FAW2          766Sqdn
XJ609/VL-702    Sea Vixen FAW2          766Sqdn
XN651/VL-705    Sea Vixen FAW2          890Sqdn
XN655           Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU                   
XN657/123       Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU               
XN658/750       Sea Vixen FAW2          ADS       
XN685/VL-703    Sea Vixen FAW2 		766Sqdn         
XN699/VL-752    Sea Vixen FAW2          ADS    
XN705/VL-751    Sea Vixen FAW2          ADS    
XP919/VL-706    Sea Vixen FAW2          766Sqdn
XP921/VL-753    Sea Vixen FAW2          ADS    
XP924           Sea Vixen FAW2          NASU          
XS590/131       Sea Vixen FAW2 		NASU               
XS565/RO-462    Wasp HAS1 		829Sqdn/HMS Rothesay 
XM328/PO-22     Wessex HAS3 		737Sqdn             
XS507/CU-XC     Wessex HU5 		846Sqdn              
XS512/CU-G      Wessex HU5 		707Sqdn               
XS513/CU-F      Wessex HU5 		707Sqdn               
XS520/CU-B      Wessex HU5 		707Sqdn               
XT452/CU-S      Wessex HU5              707Sqdn  
XT458/CU-WY     Wessex HU5              707Sqdn 
XT461/CU-XD     Wessex HU5              846Sqdn 
XT464/CU-XG     Wessex HU5              846Sqdn 
XT474/CU-P      Wessex HU5              707Sqdn  
XT481/CU-Z      Wessex HU5              707Sqdn  
XT482/CU-Q      Wessex HU5              707Sqdn  
XT771/CU-WM     Wessex HU5              707Sqdn 
XA864           Whirlwind HAR1 		FAAM                   
GT-558 		F-100F 			RDAF Esk727
GT-982          F-100F                  RDAF Esk727
9 		F-8E 			Aeronavale 12F
14 		F-8E 			Aeronavale 12F
23+25 		F-104G 			WGN MFG-2
28+25 		TF-104G 		WGN MFG-2
MM54283/83	MB326 			AMI RSV
MM52-6054/46-88	C-119G 			AMI 46AB
14896/DP-C	F-5A 			KNL 718Skv
14906/DP-W	F-5B 			KNL 718Skv 


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