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Lydd 2006

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Date: 9 September 2006

Made by: Scramble


XW848, XX378		Gazelle AH1	671sq/Blue Eagles
ZA726, ZB673		Gazelle AH1	671sq/Blue Eagles
XX285/CB, XX329/CU	Hawk T1A	100sq
XZ647			Lynx AH7	671sq/Blue Eagles
ZF341/3411		Tucano T1	1FTS
G-BVWC			Canberra B2	ex WK163
G-CVIX			Sea Vixen D3	ex XP924
G-HAEC "44-72218"	CA-18 Mk22	ex Australia A68-192
G-HURI "Z5140"		Hurricane XII	ex Z7381
G-MSTG "44-14419"	P-51D		ex 45-11518
G-OXVI			Spitfire XVIe	ex TD248
G-PSST			Hunter F58A	ex Swiss J-4104
G-TVIJ			T-6J		ex 52-8521

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