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St Mawgan 1980

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Date: 13 August 1980

Made by: Paul Carr


AA-5                G-BCCK
A-10A               77-0230/WR          81 TFW
A-10A               77-0234/WR          81 TFW
Andover C.1         XS641               115 Sqn
Atlantic            61+05               WGN
BAC 1-11 402AP      XX919               RAE
Bensen B.8          G-ATLP
Brooklands Hornet   G-AYEU
Canberra PR.7       WH774               RAE
Canberra TT.18      WJ629               7 Sqn
Canberra TT.18      WJ639               7 Sqn
Canberra TT.18      WJ680               7 Sqn
Canberra TT.18      WJ715               7 Sqn
Canberra TT.18      WJ721               7 Sqn
Canberra TT.18      WK124               7 Sqn
Ce150               G-BFLM
Ce182               G-MLAS
Ce340               G-VAUN
Ce414A              G-OFRL
Chipmunk T.10       WB560               4 AEF
Comet 4AEW          XW626               RAE
Cricket             G-AXPZ
Do28D-2             59+23               WGAF
Dominie T.1         XS709/M             6 FTS
RF-4E               35+07               WGAF
RF-4E               35+22               WGAF
F-15C               79-0016/CR          32 TFS
F.27M-300           C-12                334 Sqn, RNLAF
F-104G              21+26               WGAF
F-104G              23+12               WGAF
F-104G              D-8282              RNLAF
F-111F              70-2414/LN          48 TFW
HS.125 1B           XW930               RAE
Harrier GR.3        XW921/P             233 OCU
Hawk T.1            XX227               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX251               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX252               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX253               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX257               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX259               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX260               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX264               Red Arrows
Hawk T.1            XX266               Red Arrows
Herald              G-ATIG              Brymon
Hercules C.1        XV178
Hunter FGA.9        XF442/V             2 TWU
Hunter FGA.9        XG254/K             2 TWU
Jaguar GR.1         XX113/09            226 OCU
Jaguar GR.1         XX766/14            226 OCU
Jaguar GR.1         XZ359/M             41 Sqn
Jetstream T.1       XX497/E             METS, 6 FTS
Jetstream T.2       XX485/CU567         750 Sqn
Islander            G-AXXH              NEA
Leopard Moth        G-ACLL
LongRanger          G-LRII
Meteor T.7          WF791               Vintage Pair
Navajo              G-BHIZ
Navajo              904                 FrN
Neptune             148334              FrN
Neptune             205                 RNLN
Nimrod MR.1         XV226
Nimrod MR.1         XV231
Nimrod MR.1         XV233
Nimrod MR.1         XV234
Nimrod MR.1         XV250
Nimrod MR.1         XV258
Nimrod MR.1         XV262
P-3A                148883              NADC
P-3A                149667              VXN-8
P-3C                157318/LL30         VP-30
P-3C                158918/LF8          VP-16
P-3C                160291/JA1          VX-1
Phantom FGR.2       XT898/T             29 Sqn
Phantom FGR.2       XV402/G             228 OCU
Phantom FGR.2       XV425/R             29 Sqn
Phantom FGR.2       XV426/Q             228 OCU
Pitts S-2A          G-BADW              Rothmans
Pitts S-2A          G-BECM              Rothmans
Seahawk FGA.6       WV908               RNHF
Sea King HAS.2      XV673/583           706 Sqn
Shackleton AEW.2    WL741               8 Sqn
Stampe SV-4         G-AXNW
Twin Otter          G-BGMC              Brymon
Vampire T.11        XH304               Vintage Pair
VC10 C.1            XV101               10 Sqn
Victor K.2          XL192               57 Sqn
Vulcan B.2          XL317               35 Sqn

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