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Norwich 2000

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Date: 5/6 August 2000

Made by: Ben Dunnell


Static display (North side):
Canberra T.4		VN799/P (WJ874)		39 (1 PRU) Sqn
Hawk T.1A		XX256			4 FTS/74(R) Sqn
Jaguar GR.3		XX748/GA		41 Sqn
Tornado GR.1		ZA556/F			15(R) Sqn/NTOCU
ATR-42-300		G-BVJP			Gill Airways ['Celebrating 30 Years of Service 1969-1999']
ATR-72-202		G-UKTL			Gill Airways         
B.206B JetRanger III	G-BXNS	                Sterling Helicopters 
Bö.105DB		G-BFYA	                Sterling Helicopters 
Bö.208C-1 Junior	G-ATSI	                G-ATSI Group         
C-47A			G-DAKK	                South Coast Airways  
C-47B			292912/L4-S (N47FK)	Dakota Trust
CASA 1-131E		G-EHBJ			E.P. Howard                            
Cessna 150G	        G-BTSN	                N.A. Bilton                    
Cessna 150M	        G-BDZC	                A.M. Lynn                      
Cessna F.172P	        G-BIIE	                Sterling Air Charter           
Commander 112A	        G-LITE	                J.E. Dixon                     
Commander 200D	        G-SONY	                European Flyers                
D.31A Turbulent	        G-BGBF	                S.M. Cryer                     
DA.20 Katana	        G-BXOF	                Tayside Aviation Ltd           
EMB.110P-1	        G-TABS	                Skydrift Ltd                   
Herald 211	        G-ASKK	                City of Norwich Aviation Museum
Hunter F.51	        XF383 (E-409)		City of Norwich Aviation Museum
Jet Provost T.5A	XW423/14 (G-BWUW)	Zero 9 Flight Academy
Jetstream 3202		G-BYMA			Eastern Airways
Jodel D.18		G-BUPR			R.W. Burrows
Jodel D.120A		G-AYRS			L.R.H. d'Eath
L-4A			238410/44-A (G-BHPK)	L-4 Group
Lightning F.6 nose	XS899/BL		Charles Ross
MS.894A Minerva		G-AZVH			P.L. Jubb
PA-18-95 Super Cub	33-K (G-BJLH)		Felthorpe Flying Group
PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer	G-ARFD			J.R. Dunnett          
PA-23-250E Aztec	G-BCRP	                Airlong Charter Ltd   
PA-24-180 Comanche	G-ARHI	                D.D. Smith            
PA-28-140 Cherokee	G-ATEZ	                EFI Aviation Ltd      
PA-28-140 Cherokee	G-AVUS	                D.J. Hunter           
PA-38-112 Tomahawk	G-BPPE	                M.R. Tingle           
PA-38-112 Tomahawk	G-NCFC	                Light Aircraft Leasing
Pegasus Flash II	G-MNVG	                D.J. Ward             
Phantom FGR.2 nose	XV426/P	                Mick Jennings         
PT-17 Kaydet		18263/822 (N38940)	Blackbarn Aviation
PT-17 Kaydet		N3922B			Blackbarn Aviation   
Schweizer 300C		G-HFLA	                Sterling Helicopters 
Super King Air 200	G-OMNH	                Sterling Air Charter 
Team Minimax 91		G-MYCT	                S.R. Roberts         

Flightline (North-west):
Jaguar GR.3		XZ363/FO		41 Sqn
Sea King HAR.3A		ZH540 **		22 Sqn/B Flt
Gazelle AH.1		XX378			671 Sqn Blue Eagles
Gazelle AH.1		ZA726			671 Sqn Blue Eagles
Lynx AH.7		ZD276/X			671 Sqn Blue Eagles
A-26B			434602/S (N167B)	Scandinavian Hist Flt ['Sugarland Express']
B-17G			124485/DF-A (G-BEDF)	B-17 Preservation Ltd ['Sally B/Memphis Belle']
B-25D			KL161/VO-B (G-BYDR)	Fighter Collection ['Grumpy']
Berkut			G-REDX			Glenn Waters
Blenheim IVT		R3821/UX-N (G-BPIV)	Aircraft Restoration Co
DH.89A Dragon Rapide	G-AEML			Ken Whitehead ['Proteus']
Extra EA.300/L		G-MIII **		Firebird Aerobatics
F8F-2P Bearcat		21714/201-B (G-RUMM)	Fighter Collection
Hunter F.58		34066/G/9 (SE-DXA)	Scandinavian Hist Flt
Meteor NF.11		WM167 (G-LOSM)		Challenges Aviation
P-47M			226671/MX-X (G-THUN)	Fighter Collection ['No Guts - No Glory!']
P-51D			473877/E2-D (N167F)	Scandinavian Hist Flt ['Detroit Miss']
PC-7			F-GMEE/1		Les Apaches
PC-7			F-GMED/2		Les Apaches
Pembroke C.1		WV740 (G-BNPH)		Martin Willing
Pitts S-1T		G-WILD			The Aerobatics Co Ltd
PT-17 Kaydet		28/ED (N8162G)		Ed Boulter
Spitfire T.9		ML407/OU-V (G-LFIX)	Carolyn Grace ['Aon']
Stearman A.75N-1	N707TJ			AeroSuperBatics Ltd
Stearman PT-13D		N5057V			AeroSuperBatics Ltd
Vampire FB.6		28693/G/9 (SE-DXY)	Scandinavian Hist Flt
Yak-50			G-BWFM			Scandinavian Hist Flt
Yak-50			G-VLAD			Scandinavian Hist Flt 

Flying only (did not land):
F-15E			91-0310/LN rd/w *	48th FW/494th FS
F-15E			91-0603/LN rd/w *	48th FW/494th FS
KC-135R			57-1474/D mlt **	100th ARW/351st ARS 

Additional arrivals and departures during the flying display:
BAe ATP			G-MANG			BA Express
EMB.145EU		G-ERJC			British Airways
Fokker 50		G-UKTA			KLM uk
Fokker 50		G-UKTH			KLM uk ['City of Amsterdam']
Jaguar GR.3		XZ398/FA		RAF 41 Sqn
Jet Provost T.3A	XM365 (G-BXBH)		Zero 9 Flight Academy
Jet Provost T.3A	XM370/10 (G-BVSP)	Zero 9 Flight Academy
Jet Provost T.3A	XM378/34 (G-BWZE)	Zero 9 Flight Academy
PA-23-250E Aztec	G-JTCA			Eastern Air Executive
Shorts 360-100		G-CLAS			BAC Express
Sikorsky S-76A		G-BHBF			Bristow
Sikorsky S-76A		G-BHGK			Bristow
Sikorsky S-76A		G-BMAL			Bristow 

F-27-200 Friendship	G-BCDN
F-27-200 Friendship	G-BHMY
FH-227D Friendship	EI-CAZ
Herald 214		G-ATIG
PA-38-112 Tomahawk	G-BTOM

Fire section:
Herald 201		G-APWH
Herald 210		G-AVEZ

Offshore Fire & Survival Training Centre:
'Helicopter' mock-up	G-DRNT 

LEGEND:  * - Present on Saturday only;  ** - Present on Sunday only.

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