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Leicester 1986

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Date: 24 August 1986

Made by: David Miller


132001			CC132		412 Sq.  CAF          
02418	LN	        F-111F	        48 TFW        
40513		        C-130E	        314 TAW       
80555	AR	        RF-4C	        10 TRW        
26+60		        F-104G	        MFG2     WGN  
26+83		        F-104G	        MFG2     WGN  
XS697		        Andover C.1	32 Sq.        
XV744	D	        Harrier GR.3	233 OCU       
XZ138	K	        Harrier GR.3	233 OCU       
XX158		        Hawk T.1A	2 TWU / 63 Sq.
ZD940	AT	        Tornado F.2	229 OCU       
9		        Hawk		"Red Arrows"  
RR229	HT-E	        Mosquito	BAe           
PM631	DL-E	        Spitfire	BoBMF         
PZ865			Hurricane IIC	BoBMF         
RM689/G-ALGT   AP-D	Spitfire XIV	Rolls Royce Ltd.
VP955 / G-DVON		Devon C.2	
G-BOAF			Concorde	British Airways
G-AWPH			Provost T.1	
G-BDAM / FE992		Harvard IIB	
G-BGPB / RCAF385	T-6J Texan	
G-BIWX / FT239		Harvard IVM	
G-TEAC / EX280		Harvard IIA	

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