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Lakenheath 1991

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Lakenheath 1991 (United Kingdom)


Date: 25 August 1991

44+92 Tornado JBG-33  
BD-04 Mirage VBD 8 Sml  
XX499/G Jetstream T.1 6 FTS  
XN637 Provost Privately Owned  
XV670/92 Seaking RN/706 Sqn  
XX236/236 Hawk T.1 4 FTS  
ZE551 Viking T.1 611 VGS  
XW292/32 Jet Provost 3 FTS  
XX965 Jaguar 226 OCU  
XV342 Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU  
50003 C-5B 436 MAW  
40084 C-21A 58 MAS  
10286 EC-135H 10 ACCS  
67947 C-141B 438 MAW  
69212/SP F-4G 52 TFW  
69212/SP F-4G 52 TFW  
79025/BT F-15C 525 TFS  
86326/TJ F-16C 612 TFS  
86330/TJ F-16C 612 TFS  
67035/UH EF-111A 42 ECS  
71894/LN F-111F 495 TFS  
70391/LN F-111F 495 TFS  
72448/LN F-111F 48 TFW  
(113) Mystere IVA Ex France AF No marks, only code 3 on his tail
54-2265 F-100D disassembled on a pallet  
  T-33A American roundel Probably ex France
PM-M2 Lancaster B1    

Credits: David Warren

Updated: 20 June 2022 by Joop de Groot, 4 November 2022 Edward P Mason

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