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Culdrose 1984

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Date: 25 July 1984

Made by: Martin Perkins


XN953 (8182M)       BUCCANEER SAH 
XS887               WESSEX SAH 
XS523               WESSEX 
XT474 CU-520        WESSEX 
XT766 522           WESSEX 
XT769 CU/523        WESSEX 
XT760 T             WESSEX 
XX485 CU/567        JETSTREAM 
ZA111 CU/574        JETSTREAM 
61+08               ATLANTIC MFG3 
XV654 588           SEA KING 
XV663 591           SEA KING 
XV676 266           SEA KING 
XV711 N/001         SEA KING 
XV700 581           SEA KING 
ZA128 N/014         SEA KING 
ZA166 N/010         SEA KING 
ZA169 N/015         SEA KING 
ZA295 ZC            SEA KING 
ZA299 ZD            SEA KING 
XZ918 N/020         SEA KING 
ZA126 N/012         SEA KING 
ZA134 N/013         SEA KING 
XS515 N             WESSEX 
XS516 Q             WESSEX 
XS520 F             WESSEX 
XT460 K             WESSEX 
XT484 H             WESSEX 
XW890 CU/53         GAZELLE 
XW863 CU/42         GAZELLE 
XW871 CU/49         GAZELLE 
XW894 CU/52         GAZELLE 
XW895 CU/51         GAZELLE 
XV673               SEA KING 
ZD627               SEA KING 
XV648 587           SEA KING 
XV649 585           SEA KING 
XV650 362           SEA KING 
XV665 808           SEA KING 
XV705 596           SEA KING 
ZA170 504           SEA KING 
XZ920 510           SEA KING 
XZ578 501           SEA KING 
XZ921 N/017         SEA KING 
XN692               SEA VIXEN SAH 
WP906               CHIPMUNK 
WP776               CHIPMUNK 
XK895 519           SEA DEVON 
XJ319               SEA DEVON 
XL584               HUNTER 
XX729 EB            JAGUAR 
XT783 446           WASP 
XX242               HAWK 
XX295 295           HAWK 
XT752               GANNET 
ZD253 PO/304        LYNX 
XZ494 714           SEA HARRIER 
XT280 NS            BUCCANEER 
XS695               P1127 KESTREL    SAH 
XX514               BULLDOG 
XE339               SEA HAWK 
WV903               SEA HAWK 
ZA596 L             TORNADO 
ZE395               HS125 
XV233               NIMROD 
XX475 CU/572        JETSTREAM 
XX476 CU/561        JETSTREAM 
XX478 CU/564        JETSTREAM 
XX483 CU/562        JETSTREAM 
XX484 CU/566        JETSTREAM 
XX486 CU/569        JETSTREAM 
XX487 CU/568        JETSTREAM 
XX488 CU/571        JETSTREAM 
XX489 CU/575        JETSTREAM 
XX490 CU/570        JETSTREAM 
ZA110 CU/573        JETSTREAM 
F1425/17(G-BEFR)    FOKKER DR1 
03-F89              LYNX  NIGERIAN NAVY 
G-BCGC              CHIPMUNK 
G-BHXU              JETRANGER 
G-KWAX              CESSNA 
G-LRII              LONGRANGER 
G-AYLU              PITTS S-1 
BGA2263             L-13 BLANIK 
BGA2537             PIK-20D 
BGA1262             DART 17R 

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