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Farnborough 1945

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Date: 29 October 1945

Made by: H.J. Curtis, 'The Aeroplane Spotter'


G-AGOL 		Vickers-Armstrong Viking I                                 
G-AGPJ          DH.104 Dove (prototype)                                    
R2496           Martin Baker MB.5                                          
Z2118           Fairey Firefly F.IV (prototype)                            
DW512           Vickers-Armstrong Windsor B.I                              
DX166           Short Shetland I (prototype)                               
EE360           Gloster Meteor F.IV                                        
EK680           Blackburn Firebrand TF.IV                                  
MX991           Bristol Brigand TF.I                                       
NX117           Hawker Tempest F.VI                                        
NX802           Hawker Fury F.I (2nd prototype)                            
PP328           HP Halifax C.VIII                                          
PR739           Hawker Tempest F.II                                        
PX237           DH.103 Hornet F.I                                          
RA356           Fairey Spearfish I                                         
RB521           Supermarine Spiteful F.XIV                                 
RE325           Avro Lincoln B.II                                          
RG307           DH.98 Mosquito PR.34                                       
TG285           DH.100 Vampire F.I                                         
TT176           Avro Tudor I (prototype) (G-AGPF)                          
VH513           Heinkel He.162A (reported as NH513) (ex AM.65, W/Nr 120098)
VK893           Messerschmitt Me.262A (AM.51, W/Nr 1112372)                
VM702           Avro Lancastrian C.I                                       

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