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Leeming 1993

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Date: 31 July 1993

Made by: Ian Jack, Ian Old

Updated: 3 November 2002

Serial/Code:        Type:                 Unit:                 Callsign: 
XV295               C-130 C.1P            LTW 
ZE839/AR            Tornado F.3           56(R) Sqn (sp cls) 
G-FLYV              Firefly               Slingsby Avn          Firefly 
PA-849/C-NAMY       Havard                Private USAF mks 
XV361               Buccaneer S.2B        208 Sqn 
XX226               Hawk                  4 FTS                 Python 1 display 
XX170/DS            Hawk                  4 FTS                 Python 2 land 
RR299               Mosquito 
NX55JP              Corsair 
PA474/PM-M2         Lancaster             BBMF 
PZ865               Hurricane             BBMF 
PM631               Spitfire              BBMF 
115/G-BTTA          Sea Fury Nl           Navy cls 
54-21261            T-33 
XX253               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX306               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX237               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX266               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX264               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX260               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX227               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX233               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX308               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX252               Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
ZD322/A             Harrier GR.5          20[R] Sqn             Wildcat 1, went u/s 
ZD347/K             Harrier GR.5          20[R] Sqn             Wildcat 2 
XV260               Nimrod MR.2           Kinloss Wing (sp cls) 
XX116               Jaguar                16[R] Sqn (sp cls) 
G-MAVI              R.22 
XZ590               Sea King              202 Sqn 
ZE982/DM            Tornado F.3           11 Sqn                Totem 
ZF340               Tucano T.1            3 FTS                 Poacher 
XS644               Andover               grey 
G-BLXT              SE.5A 
G-ATJM              Fokker Triplane 
G-IIIT              Pitts 
G-TIII              Pitts 
G-ITII              Pitts 
WZ878               Chipmunk T.10         11 AEF 
XX633               Bulldog T.1           NUAS 
?????/8             Lynx AH.9             9 Regt 
30149               Zoko 
G-DYNE              Cessna 340 
AT-160              Draken                                      DAF 3160A 
AR-119              Draken                                      DAF 3160B 
XR511/C             Wessex                60 Sqn 
XR502/Z             Wessex                60 Sqn 
ZG710/D             Tornado GR.1A         13 Sqn 
MH434/BZ-D          Spitfire PR.9         Private 
38+25               F-4F                  JbG 36                GAF 3707 
ET-206              F-16B                 Esk 730               DAF 3268A 
E-191               F-16A                 Esk 730               DAF 3268B 
XV361               Buccaneer S.2B        208 Sqn 5             T 33 A 
XV352               Buccaneer S.2B        208 Sqn 5             T 33 B 
ZA720/EP            Chinook HC.1          OCU                   K 1 I 40 
XV233               Nimrod MR.2P          Kinloss Wing          5 FF 
XX172               Hawk T.1              St Athan SF (sp cls)  STN 04 
XW429/C             Jet Provost T.5A      6 FTS                 FYY ?? 
mm6826/36-01        F-104S                36 Stormo             I 6768B 
mm6768/36-05        F-104S                36 Stormo             I 6768A 
XW302/T             Jet Provost T.5A      6 FTS                 FYY28 
ZA556/TA            Tornado GR.1          XV Sqn                Hon 29 
ZE839/AR            Tornado F.3           56[R] Sqn             Felix 1 
ZG796/AV            Tornado F.3           56[R] Sqn             Felix 2 
XV295               C-130                 LTW                   Ascot 4911 
ZF491               Tucano T.1            1 FTS                 LOP 36 
XV210               C-130                 LTW                   Ascot 250 
WJ607/EB            Canberra              360 Sqn               Tasmin 1 
ZF340               Tucano T.1            3 FTS                 CWL 57 
ZF512               Tucano T.1            3 FTS                 CWL 56 
XX962/EK            Jaguar GR.1           6 Sqn                 K 9 S 59 
ZG919/7             Lynx AH.9             9 Regt                AA 516 
XW231               Puma HC.1                                   K 1 I 77 

also present were EMUAS with the following Bulldogs: 
XX704/U, XX535/?, XX623/M, XX694/E, XX557/S and XX687/A 

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