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Yeovilton 1977

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Date: 3 September 1977

Made by: Paul Carr, Joop de Groot

Updated: 8 February 2003

Aeronca C-3              G-AEFT 
Vulcan B.2               XL359 
Jet Provost T.5          XW306 
Terrier 2                G-ASMZ 
Be A36                   G-BECO 
B-17G                    44-85784/G-BEDF 
BN-2A                    G-BCMY 
Jungmann                 G-BECX 
Ce 172E                  G-ASSS 
Ce F.172H                G-AXBJ 
Ce F.172M                G-BBOA 
Ce 182F                  G-ASHB 
Ce 182J                  G-ATTD 
Ce U206F                 N1107V 
Ce 421B                  G-BBUJ 
Lancaster I              PA474/KM:B 
Mosquito T.3             RR299/HT:E/G-ASKH 
Devon C.2                VP955 
Sea Devon C.20           XK895 
Sea Vixen FAW.2          XN653 
Chipmunk 22              G-BCGC 
Canberra T.22            WH801/VL850 
Swordfish II             LS326/5A 
Firefly AS.6             WB271/R204 
Gannet AEW.3             XL500/LM 			       849sq
Fiat G.91R               3302,3307                             WGAF 
Fournier RF-5            G-AYAI 
A-6E                     158533/AG503 
AA-5                     G-BAJN 
Hurricane IIc            PZ865/DT:A 
Sea Fury FB.11           TF956/T123 
Sea Fury TT.20           WG655/GN910 
Hunter T.8C              WT799/VL879,XF358/VL875,XF991/VL874, 
Hunter GA.11             WT744/VL868,WT804/VL831,WT806/VL838, 
Gnat T.1                 XP541                                 4FTS 
                         XP514,XP535,XR540,XR572,XR955,        Red Arrows 
                         XR977,XR987,XR991,XS101,XS107         Red Arrows 
Buccaneer S.2            XN982,XV865 
Harrier GR.3             XV804/J,XW769/24 
Hawk T.1                 XX174 
F-104                    2212,2215                             WGN 
F-104                    D-8257,D-8266                         RNLAF 
Hercules C.1             XV207,XV302 
S-3A                     159769/AG700 
A-7E                     157581/AG406 
Phantom FG.1             XT872/R004 
Messenger 2A             RG333/G-AIEK 
MS.500 Criquet           AZ+MH/G-AZMH 
Harvard IIB              FT830/G-AZSC 
PA-23-235                G-ASFF 
PA-23-250                G-BBNK 
PA-28-140                G-AYRM,G-BEEU,G-BEYO 
PA-28-180                G-AVSC 
PA-28R 180               G-AWBC 
PA-28R 200               G-AYII,G-BCPG 
PA-39-160                G-AZMW 
Rockwell 685             G-BDUK 
Rockwell 690A            G-BCXS 
Bulldog T.1              XX515/7,XX516/10,XX532/15,XX707/20 
Jaguar GR.1              XX755/08 
Rallye Club              G-AVIN 
Spitfire IIa             P7350/UO:T 
Wasp HAS.1               XS567/470 
Wessex HAS.1             XS885/PO512 
Wessex HAS.3             XP156/PO663,XS119/PO434 
Wessex HU.5              XS483/WU,XS485,XS486/WW,XS489/WQ, 
                         plus others coded XM, XT, and PO513 
Sea King HAS.2           XV649/CU592,XV653/CU594,XV654/CU593, 
Gazelle HT.2             XW860/CU544,XW863/CU542,XW884/CU541, 
Lynx HAS.2               XZ229/VL740,XZ231/VL742,XZ232/BM333, 
Lunx SH-14               261                                   RNLN 

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