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Plymouth 1966

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Date: 9 July 1966

Made by:


X4590/PR-F	Spitfire 1 		71MU
WV841 		Sea Hawk FGA4 		AES (A2540/E4506)
XB480/537 	Hiller HT2 		RNEC Manadon (A2577/E4590) 
XB288/U		Beverley C1 		47Sqdn
XJ764 		Whirlwind HAR10 	22Sqdn A Flight
XP349 		Whirlwind HAR10 
Flying only:
(mainly from Yeovilton who were holding their Air Show that day)
XF526/6 	Hunter F6 		229OCU
XF702/B 	Shackleton MR3 		120Sqdn
XJ482/VL-713	Sea Vixen FAW1 		766Sqdn
XJ490/VL-726	Sea Vixen FAW1 		766Sqdn
XJ568/VL-712	Sea Vixen FAW1 		766Sqdn
XJ574/H-311	Sea Vixen FAW1 		892Sqdn
XM607		Vulcan B2 		12Sqdn
XR668/40	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XS212/45	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XS213/46	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XS225/47	Jet Provost T4 		CFS
XT285/LM-653	Buccaneer S2B 6		736Sqdn
Based Chipmunks with the BRNC:
WB575/907   WB657/908   WK511/905   WK608/906
WK634/902   WP856/904   plus Tiger Moth T8191/E 

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