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Abingdon 1968

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Date: 15 June 1968

Made by: John A. Smith


Sycamore HAR14, RAF
The Bristal Type 171 Sycamore was a utility helicopter for five persons and was the first helicopter built for full production by a British manufacturer after the Second World War. The XG504 looks pretty neat on this picture taken during the airshow at Abingdon in 1968, but was scrapped some years ago.

Photo: Steve Williams

NV778         TEMPEST TT5 
F6314         CAMEL F1            65SQ.MARKS 
K8042         GLADIATOR 2         RAF MUS. 
P2617/AF-T    HURRICANE 1         71MU 
K9942/EB-T    SPITFIRE 1A         71MU 
N1671         DEFIANT 1           RAF MUS. 
VT812/N       VAMPIRE F3          601SQ.MARKS 
WH364/U       METEOR F8           85SQ. 
WM367         METEOR NF13         AEE. 
WK281/S       SWIFT F1            79SQ.MARKS. 
XJ642/L       HUNTER FGA9         54SQ. 
XH849         JAVELIN FAW9        EX.'C'23SQ. 
XS931/G       LIGHTNING F6        11SQ. 
XV281         HARRIER GR1         HSA 
MF628         WELLINGTON T10      VICKERS 
TA639/55      MOSQUITO 35         3CAACU. 
RF398         LINCOLN B2          EX.151SQ. 
WE139         CANBERRA PR3        231OCU. 
WJ625         CANBERRA T17        360SQ. 
XD816         VALIANT B1          VICKERS. 
XA926         VICTOR BK1          57SQ. 
XL386         VULCAN B2           SCAMPTON WING. 
TX213         ANSON C19           ASC. 
KN452         DAKOTA 4            EX.MECS. 
VW197         VALETTA C1          CAW. 
TG527         HASTINGS C1A        EX.24SQ. 
XH124         BEVERLEY C1         EX.232OCU. 
XL993         TWIN PIONEER        78SQ. 
XR399         COMET C4            216SQ. 
XR106         ARGOSY C1           215SQ. 
XS600         ANDOVER C1          46SQ. 
XL658         BRITANNIA C1        99SQ. 
XR362         BELFAST C1          53SQ. 
XV107         VC10 C1             10SQ. 
XV215         HERCULES C1         ASC. 
T9967         MAGISTER            G-AKKR 
Z7197         PROCTOR             G-AKZN. 
R9125/LX-L    LYSANDER            RAF MUS. 
WE600         AUSTER7             ANTARCTIC EXP. 
VP960         DEVON C1            NCCS 
WV734         PEMBROKE C1         ASCCS. 
XM295         HERON C2            EX.Q.FLT. 
XS779         BASSET C1           SCCS. 
WR988/E       SHACKLETON MR3      203SQ. 
H2311         AVRO 504K           G-ABAA. 
NL985         TIGER MOTH 
KF183         HARVARD T2B         AEE. 
WP861         CHIPMUNK T10        LONDON UAS. 
WL732         BALLIOL T21         AEE. 
XF877/T       PROVOST T1          CNCS. 
WJ917/AA      VARSITY T1          5FTS 
XM349         JET PROVOST T3      CFS 
XS105/60      GNAT T1             4FTS 
XS731/J       DOMINIE T1          1ANS 
KK995         HOVERFLY 
WG725         DRAGONFLY HR5       EX.8TTU. 
XG504         SYCAMORE HAR14      EX.ADEN COMM. 
XG454         BELVEDERE HC1 
XV316/F       SIOUX HT2           CFS 
XV719/A       WESSEX HC2          72SQ. 
XP360/W-V     WHIRLWIND HAR10     CFS 
2345          GUNBUS 
K3215         TUTOR 
K1786         TOMTIT 
J9941         HART 
F904          SE5 
RR299         MOSQUITO 
XV314/M       SIOUX HT2           'TOMAHAWKS' 
XV315/W       SIOUX HT2           'TOMAHAWKS' 
XV317/Z       SIOUX HT2           'TOMAHAWKS' 
XV148         NIMROD              HSA. 
XP437         ARGOSY T1 
XR141         ARGOSY T1 
XN853         ARGOSY T1 
XV178         HERCULES C1 
XV214         HERCULES C1 
XS603         ANDOVER C1 
XR368         BELFAST C1          53SQ. 
XR143         ARGOSY C1           FALCONS 
XV276         HARRIER GR1 

31x JET PROVOSTS  (Royal Cypher formation) 
including: XR644, XR656 

including: XL511, XL169, XL192, XH557, XH562, XL317, XM571, XL427 

XE597/A, XE624/B, XG195/C, XG228/D, XG130/E, XG251/J, XE651/L, XE650/U 
24x WESSEX HC2 of 18/72 SQ. 
XT673/Y, XT670/U, XR498/M, XR520/B, XT675/Z, XT607/P, XR517/G, XR506/H 
XV720/T, XT606/O, XV721/K, XR525/G, XR509/N, XR524/F, XT678/L, XV725/A, 
XT669/T, XR516/E, XT681/Q, XV722/U, XV724/S, XS678/K, XR501/C, ...../N 

including: XM171, XM214. 


XR486      WHIRLWIND 10     Q.FLT. 
WJ815      CANBERRA PR7     58SQ. 
WK116/H    CANBERRA B2      85SQ. 
WT512      CANBERRA PR7     58SQ.  all photo runs. 
WV746      PEMBROKE C1      VIP. 
WV749      PEMBROKE C1      VIP. 

XR237      AUSTER AOP9      38GRP. 
XR238      AUSTER AOP9      38GRP. 
XP346      WHIRLWIND 10     RESCUE 
XP398      WHIRLWIND 10     RESCUE   

Sioux HT2 getting ready for takeoff at the very good show of RAF Abingdon

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