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Fairford 2003

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Date: 19/20 July 2003

Made by: Scramble


Red Arrows and F-117A Stealth
On the Saturday of this year's RIAT this extraordinary formation was demonstrated during the flying display. An RAF exchange pilot was flying the F-117 Stealth and 'teamed up' with the Red Arrows, resulting in this very rare sight. Obviously, the F-117A did not join the Reds during their normal display programme...

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

Main static:
FA93			F-16AM		31sq             
140112	                CP-140	        MPSET            
ET-612	                F-16BM	        Esk726           
ET-614	                F-16BM	        Esk723           
T-402, T-414		T-17	        Esk721           
T-409, T-423		T-17	        FLSK             
LJ-2			Lj35A	        TukiLLv		dep 20jul
5317/UE			AS355F	        ETE00.043        
53/BZ			Mirage 4P	ERS01.091
3			ATL2		23F
2			E-2C		4F
5, 10			Rafale M	12F
29+22			MiG-29GT	JG73
38+26			F-4F		JG74
43+96			Tornado IDS	AG51
44+08			Tornado IDS	JBG38
44+31			Tornado IDS	JBG31
46+12			Tornado IDS	MFG2
46+27			Tornado ECR	JBG32
51+07			C-160D		LTG62
87+95, 88+04		Bo105P		HFR26
603			An-26		89VSE
252			CN235M		101sq
MM81396/E.I.-926	A129A		1°gr.sqd.c.A.
MM81198/E.I.-455	AB412		51°gr.sqd.c.A.
MM7152/51-03		AMX		103°Gr        
MM7174/51-04	        AMX		103°Gr        
MM62170/10-01	        ATR42-500MP	3°NA  
MM54548		        MB339A		213°Gr        
MM55081	                MB339CD	        212°Gr
MM25155	                P166DL3	        71°Gr 
MM62162	                P180	        71°Gr 
MM62167	                P180	        28°Gr 
MM54554/4-48	        TF-104G	        20°Gr 
MM7067/6-36	        Tornado IDS	102°Gr
MM7083/6-37	        Tornado IDS	102°Gr
345		        C-130H		3sq/RJordAF   
101	                Mi-8MTV-1	1TE   
145	                L-410UVP-T	1TE   
D-102	                CH-47D		298sq         
J-366	                F-16AM	        315sq 
J-368	                F-16BM	        311sq 
J-652	                F-16BM	        315sq 
Q-19	                AH-64D	        301sq 
S-442	                AS532U2	        300sq 
U-03	                Fok.60UTA-N	344sq 
276	                SH-14D		MARHELI       
309	                P-3C	        MARPAT 
285	                F-16AM	        338skv 
691	                F-16BM	        338skv 
1407	                An-26	        13ELT  
1017/HQ-D , 1115	M-28B-1R	30.elMW
15103, 15104		F-16A		Esq201
L4-01			L-410UVP-E	15BrVl
L9-64			PC-9M		15BrVl
HT.17-14/ET-414		CH-47D		BHELTRA V
39803/803		JAS39B		F7
J-5237			F-18D		FlSt17
R-2110, R-2116		Mirage 3RS	FlSt10
73-1044, 77-0296	F-4E-2020	171Filo
86-0133/DY		B-1B		28th BS           
60-0001/LA	        B-52H	        20th BS           
71-0882		        C-9A	        75th AS           
86-0033		        KC-10A	        6th ARS           
84-0081		        C-21A	        76th AS           
68-10943/RS	        C-130E	        37th AS           
69-5832		        MC-130P	        67th SOS          
73-1595/DM	        EC-130H	        41st ECS          
87-0023		        MC-130H	        7th SOS           
90-1792		        C-130H	        164th AS OH ANG   
61-2669		        C-135C	        412th FLTS        
62-3551/D	        KC-135R	        351st ARS         
62-4131/OF	        RC-135W	        38th RS           
97-0201/GA	        E-8C	        16th ACCS         
91-0313/LN, 00-3002/LN	F-15E	        494th FS          
91-0352/SP		F-16CJ	        52nd FW/"52FW"    
80-0786/HO	        F-117A	        9th FS            
69-5795		        MH-53M	        21st SOS          
73-1153/RS	        T-43A	        562nd FTS/"562FTS"
80-1069		        U-2S	        99th RS           
164442/NY	        KC-130T	        VMGR-452          
158920/LA	        P-3C	        VP-5              
161588/LL-08	        P-3C	        VP-30             
ZJ215		        Apache AH1	AHTU      
XH135		        Canberra PR9	39sq      
ZD984		        Chinook HC2	18sq      
XS728/E			Dominie T1	55(R)sq           
XX412/B	                Gazelle AH1	847sq             
ZB686	                Gazelle AH1	nb, cabin only
ZJ240/U	                Griffin HT1	SARTU             
ZJ707/O	                Griffin HT1	60sq              
XZ135	                Harrier GR3	M&RU, nose only 
ZG471/61		Harrier GR7	3sq              
ZG477/67	        Harrier GR7	1sq              
ZG510/81	        Harrier GR7	4sq              
XX189/189	        Hawk T1A	19(R)sq          
XX195/195	        Hawk T1W	208(R)sq         
XV299		        Hercules C3	LTW              
ZH868		        Hercules C5	LTW              
XX753		        Jaguar GR1	M&RU, nose only
XZ113/FD, XZ360/FN	Jaguar GR3	41sq
XX482/J			Jetstream T1	45(R)sq
XX488/CU-562		Jetstream T2	750sq
XZ208			Lynx AH7	847sq
ZD261/309		Lynx HMA8	815sq
ZG919			Lynx AH9	659sq
ZJ127/L			Merlin HC3	28sq
XV254/54		Nimrod MR2	Kinloss
XW229			Puma HC1	33sq
ZE693/714		S.Harrier F/A2	899sq  
XV649/CU-180	        S.King ASAC7	849sq  
ZD476/WU	        Sea King HC4	848sq  
ZJ264/64	        Squirrel HT1	DHFS   
ZA365/AJ-Y	        Tornado GR4	617sq  
ZA393		        Tornado GR4	12sq   
ZA401/P		        Tornado GR4A	13sq   
ZA405/Y		        Tornado GR4A	2sq    
ZA410/DX	        Tornado GR4	31sq   
ZA462/AJ-P	        Tornado GR4	617sq  
ZA563/AG	        Tornado GR4	9sq    
ZD719/BS	        Tornado GR4	14sq   
ZE159/UV	        Tornado F3	111sq  
ZE793/TE	        Tornado F3	43sq   
ZE961/XD	        Tornado F3	11sq   
ZH557/NT	        Tornado F3	25sq   
ZF161/161	        Tucano T1	1FTS   
ZF203/203	        Tucano T1	72(R)sq
ZJ802/AB	        Typhoon T1	17sq   
XV106		        VC10 C1K	10sq   
ZH193/UF, ZH268/SA	Vigilant T1	612VGS
ZE613/XM		Viking TX1	625VGS
D-CALM			Do228-101	NERC
D-FKMA			An-2T		ex 440/NVA
G-BXBD			C1131E		as 483/CW+BG
G-BYVE, G-BYXM		Tutor T1	SouthamptonUAS
G-BYXT			Tutor T1	SouthamptonUAS
G-BWXJ			T-67M-260	JEFTS
N86			CL-604		FAA
N4195S			Beech 200	NAC Aviation
PH-SBK			Beech 200	2 MOT&U
XB-RIY			Stearman	private
Plus three Royal Artillery Phoenix UAV drones (ZJ339, ZJ378
and ZJ449) and plastic mock-ups of Harrier ZH139, Hawk XX227,
XX263 +1, Tornado ZH556, a Bf109G and an F-35.

100 years of flight static:
417			Bulldog 125A	ex RJordAF  
XR379	                Alouette AH2	AACHF       
XR244	                Auster AOP9	AACHF       
XP820	                Beaver AL1	AACHF       
XX889/T	                Buccaneer S2B	private     
ZZ171	                C-17A		99sq                
WH876	                Canb. B2mod	nose only   
WJ866	                Canberra R4	39sq        
WD325/N	                Chipmunk T10	AACHF       
XS712/A	                Dominie T1	55(R)sq     
WH991	                Dragonfly HR5	Yorkshire AM
DG202/G	                Gloster F9/40	RAFMuseum   
XZ969/DD-69		Harrier GR3	SFDO
XZ971			Harrier GR3	AM&SU            
ZD438/50	        Harrier GR7	1sq              
XX314/CN	        Hawk T1W	100sq            
ZH882		        Hercules C4	LTW              
LF363/US-C	        Hurricane IIc	BoBMF            
XX738/GG	        Jaguar GR3A	54sq             
XX748/GK	        Jaguar GR3	54sq             
XZ391/EB	        Jaguar GR3	6sq              
XH903/G		        Javelin FAW9	Jet Age Museum   
XX492/A		        Jetstream T1	45(R)sq          
PA474/QR-M	        Lancaster I	BoBMF            
XS420		        Lightning T5	private          
XV328		        Lightning T5	nose only        
XZ191/A		        Lynx AH7	671sq            
ZH854/CU-580	        Merlin HM1	824sq            
ZJ128/M		        Merlin HC3	28sq             
WH364		        Meteor F8	Jet Age Museum   
XV240/40	        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss          
XV408		        Phantom FGR2	Halton           
XW231		        Puma HC1	230sq            
XP984		        P1127		BrooklandsMuseum         
XD332/C-194	        Scimitar F1	Southampt. Museum
XT626/Q		        Scout AH1	AACHF            
ZH802/711	        S.Harrier F/A2	899sq            
WV795		        S.Hawk FGA6	private          
ZA167/CU-822	        Sea King HU5	771sq            
ZH105/05	        Sentry AEW1	8/23sq           
XT131/B		        Sioux AH1	AACHF            
MK356/21-V	        Spitfire IXc	BoBMF            
ZJ268/68	        Squirrel HT1	DHFS             
XD145		        SR53		RAFMuseum                
ZA544/FZ	        Tornado GR4	12sq             
ZE706		        Tristar C2A	216sq            
ZF491/491	        Tucano T1	1FTS             
XV102		        VC10 C1K	10sq             
XH592		        Victor K1A	nose only        
ZH188/UA	        Vigilant T1	612VGS           
ZE625/XP	        Viking TX1	625VGS           
XM569, XM602	        Vulcan B2	nose only        
XT437/423	        Wasp HAS1	Boscombe Down M  
XV625/471		Wasp HAS1	HMS Sultan             
XM328/PO-653	        Wessex HAS3	SFDO                   
XS876/PO-523	        Wessex HAS1	SFDO                   
XT453/A-B	        Wessex HU5	HMS Sultan             
XR486		        Whirlw. HCC12	HelicopterMuseum       
F-AZEN		        AD-4N		ex 125716/22-DG                
G-AAHI, G-ABYA	        DH60G		private                        
G-AAZP		        DH80A		private                        
G-ACEJ	                DH83		private                        
G-ADGP	                Hawk Speed 6	private                
G-ADNE	                DH87B		private                        
G-AEBJ	                Blackburn B2	BAe                    
G-AEEG	                Falcon Major	private                
G-AIDL	                DH89A		Air Atlantique                 
G-AIEK	                Messenger 2A	as "RG333"             
G-AIYR	                DH89A		ex HG691                       
G-AJES	                J3C-65		as 330485"/C-44"               
G-AKAT	                Magister I	ex T9738               
G-AKKB	                Gimini 1A	pricate                
G-AKPF	                Magister I	ex V1075               
G-ALJF	                Proctor 2	private                
G-AMUF	                Chipmunk 21	private                
G-ANAF	                DC-3		Air Atlantique                 
G-AORG	                Heron 2D	Jersey Al              
G-AOZE	                Widgeon 2	HelicopterMuseum       
G-APJB	                Prentice T1	ex VR259/M             
G-APRS	                Twin Pioneer I	ex XT610               
G-ASAZ	                UH-12E-4	as "XS165/37"          
G-ATDN	                Terrier 2	ex TW641               
G-AWVF	                Provost T1	ex XF877/J-F           
G-BFCZ	                Sopwith Camel	as "B7270"	replica
G-BGPB	                Harvard IV	ex 1747/PortAF         
G-BMDB			SE.5a		as "F235"	replica        
G-BKFW	                Provost T1	ex XF597/A-H           
G-BKGL	                Beech 3TM	as "1164"              
G-BLIX	                Skeeter AOP12	ex XL809               
G-BPHR	                DH82A		ex A17-48                      
G-BPIV	                Bolingbro.IVT	as "R3821/UX-N"        
G-BRDV	                Spitfire	as "K5054"	replica
G-BSKP	                Spitfire XIV	ex RN201               
G-BUOS	                Spitfire XVIII	ex SM845/GZ-J          
G-BVEZ	                Jet Provost T3	ex XM479               
G-BVPP	                Gnat T1		as "XS111"                     
G-BVSP	                J.Provost T3A	ex XM370               
G-BVWC	                Canberra B2/6	ex WK163               
G-BWMJ	                Nieuport Scout	as "B3459"	replica
G-BWRA	                Sopw.Triplane	as "N500"	replica
G-BWSG	                Jet Provost T5	ex XW324/K             
G-BWUT	                Chipmunk 22	ex WZ879/X             
G-BWXR	                T-67M-260	JEFTS                  
G-BXES	                Pembroke C1	ex XL954               
G-BXUL	                FG-1D Corsair	as "92844/8"           
G-BYUM	                Tutor T1	SouthamptonUAS         
G-BZDP	                Bulldog T1	ex XX551/E             
G-BZFN	                Bulldog T1	ex XX667/16            
G-CBNM	                P-51D		ex 44-63864/HL-W               
G-CBEL	                Fury FB11	as "361"               
G-CBWN	                Layzell AV-18A	private                
G-CVIX	                Sea Vixen D3	ex XP924               
G-DBDB	                VPM M-16	private                
G-EBMB	                Hawker Cygnet	RAFMuseum              
G-ECAB	                JN-4D		as "2525"                      
G-FLYY	                Strikem. Mk80	private                
G-HAPR	                Sycam. HR14	ex XG547/S-T           
G-HELV	                Vampire T55	as "XJ771"             
G-HRHI	                Basset CC1	ex XS770               
G-HURR	                Hurricane XII	ex LK-A                
G-HUSK	                A-1B Husky	private                
G-JPVA	                J. Provost T5A	ex XW289/73            
G-JPTV	                J. Provost T5A	ex XW354               
G-KAWW			Wasp HAS1	ex XT781/426           
G-KAXF	                Hunter F6A	ex XF515/R             
G-KITT	                P-40M		marked "49"                    
G-LOSM	                Meteor NF11	ex WM167               
G-LOTI	                Bleriot XI	Brooklands	replica
G-LYNX	                Lynx 800	ex ZB500               
G-MASH	                B47G-4		private                        
G-MOOS	                Provost T1	ex XF690               
G-MOUR	                Gnat T1		as "XR991"                     
G-RAIX	                Harvard IV	as "KF584/RAI-X"       
G-REBA	                RAF 2000	private                
G-RORI	                Gnat T1		ex XR438/01                    
G-RUMW	                FM-2 Wildcat	marked "F"             
G-SABR	                F-86A		ex 48-0178/FU-178              
G-SEVA	                SE.5a		as "F141"	replica        
G-SWIF	                Swift F7	ex XF114               
G-TBRD	                T-33A		as "21261"                     
G-UVNR	                Strikem. Mk87	private                
G-VENM	                Venom FB50	as "WK436"             
G-VROE	                Anson T21	ex WD413               
HB-ERO	                Argus		private                        
N147DC/NF-A		DC-3		Aces High
N320SQ			B-25N		as "N5-149"                    
N39165	                DC-2		as "PH-AJU/44"                 
ZS-AUA	                DC-4-1009	Springbok FS           
BAPC28	                Wright Flyer	YorkshireAM	replica
BAPC41	                RAF BE2c	YorkshireAM	replica
BAPC42	                AVRO 504K	as "H1968"	replica
BAPC130	                Blackb.Mercury	YorkshireAM	replica
BAPC177	                AVRO 504K	as "G-AACA"	replica
BAPC181	                RAF BE2b	as "687"	replica
BAPC250	                SE5a		as "F5475"	replica        
-			Gloster E28/39	plastic mock-up

Flightlines (static side):
FA126, FA135		F-16AM		350sm
MT48			CM170		7sm
R226/64-GZ		C-160R		ET00.064
3/5-OR, 20/5-OF		Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
139/ABS			TBM700		EAAT             
12+06		        CL-601		FBS		dep 19jul
37+58		        F-4F		FLZ              
45+42, 46+20	        Tornado IDS	MFG2     
04		        MiG-29		59HRE            
27		        MiG-29UB	59HRE    
J-016, J-063	        F-16AM		322sq            
U-06		        Fokker 50	334sq    
L9-62		        PC-9M		15BRVL           
92-0375		        C-20H		76th AS		dep 19jul 
ZD351/18, ZD407/36	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
XX165, XX240		Hawk T1		FRADU                          
XX178, XX224	        Hawk T1W	FRADU                  
XX200/200	        Hawk T1A	208(R)sq               
XX231		        Hawk T1W	FRADU                  
XX232/232	        Hawk T1A	208(R)sq               
ZG844		        Islander AL1	1 Flt                  
XX766		        Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq                
XX846/PV	        Jaguar T4	16(R)sq                
ZH796/712	        S.Harrier F/A2	899sq                  
ZH804/R-730	        S.Harrier F/A2	899sq                  
ZA463/TL	        Tornado GR4	15(R)sq                
ZD810/TD	        Tornado GR4	15(R)sq                
ZE207/UH	        Tornado F3	56(R)sq                
ZE812/XR	        Tornado F3	56(R)sq                
ZF266/266	        Tucano T1	1FTS                   
ZF418/418	        Tucano T1	1FTS                   
D-CDNX		        Lj60		Chrysler                       
D-EKGH		        Albatros B1	as 23.02	replica
ES-YLF, ES-YLP	        L-39C		Apache Jet Team                
ES-YLR, ES-YLS	        L-39C		Apache Jet Team                
F-AZJU		        Ju-52/3m	as AZ+JU. c/n 24       
N404LM			G-IV		Lockheed Martin
N405LM			G-V		Lockheed Martin

Patrouille de France, Alpha Jet E:
E165/F-TERE/0,	E120/F-TERG/1,	E75/F-TERW/2,
E94/F-TERH/3,	E31/F-TERK/4,	E134/F-TERM/5,
E122/F-TERD/6,	E135/F-TERX/7,	E163/F-TERB/9,

Frecce Tricolori, MB339A/PAN:
MM54505/0, MM54536/1, MM54546/2, MM54486/3, MM54547/4,
MM54542/5, MM54478/6, MM54480/7, MM54482/8, MM54477/9,

Team Iskry, TS-11:
730/1,	702/3,	709/4,	827/6,	1015/7,	510/8, 1010/10

Red Arrows, Hawk T1/T1A#/T1W&
XX179&,  XX227#,  XX237,  XX253,   XX260#,  XX264#,
XX266#,  XX292&,  XX294,  XX306#,  XX308

Flightlines (far side):
129			Falcon 10MER	57S
MMCSX62127		C-27J		Alenia
NZ7571			B757-2K2	40sq/RNZAF
39181/191, 39192/192	JAS39		F7
84003/843		Tp84		F7
81-0954/SP		A-10A		81st FS
81-0963/SP		A-10A		81st FS
86-0121/EL		B-1B		37th BS
90-0828/SP, 90-0829/SP	F-16CJ		22nd FS
90-0833/SP, 91-0408/SP	F-16CJ		22nd FS
91-0410/SP		F-16CJ		23rd FS           
85-0830/HO	        F-117A		9th FS            
XW848/D, XZ338	        Gazelle AH1	671sq     
ZA726, ZB673	        Gazelle AH1	671sq     
ZJ100		        Hawk 100	BAe       
XZ615		        Lynx AH7	671sq     
XZ730/632	        Lynx HAS3S	702sq     
ZD249/637	        Lynx HAS3S	702sq     
XV255/55	        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss   
ZJ699		        Typhoon		BAe               
XZ591		        Sea King HAR3	203(R)sq  
F-WWYL		        A330-203	Airbus    
G-BWGS		        J.Provost T5A	ex XW310  
G-RRGN		        Spirfire PR19	ex PS853/S

Flying only:
C.15-59/12-17		EF-18A		Ala12		19jul                
CE.15-8/12-71	        EF-18B		Ala12		19jul                
92-0700/WM	        B-2A		509th BW	19/20jul     
84-0010/LN	        F-15C		493rd FS	19/20jul     
..-..../LN	        F-15C		"493FS"		19/20jul             
ZH885/885	        Hercules C5	LTW		19/20jul     
ZA491		        Tornado GR4	31sq		19jul        
ZA541/DZ	        Tornado GR4	31sq		20jul        
ZA564/DK	        Tornado GR4	31sq		20jul        
ZA614/AJ-J	        Tornado GR4	617sq		19/20jul     
ZD747/AL	        Tornado GR4	9sq		19jul        
ZG712/F		        Tornado GR4A	13sq		19jul        
N707TJ		        A75N1 Kaydet	ex 3173/USN	19jul
N5057V		        PT-13D Kaydet	ex 42-17435	19jul
N54922		        A75N1 Kaydet	ex 30054/USN	19jul
N74189		        PT-17				19jul                

CM02			Falcon 20E	21sm		19jul
147/XS			TBM700		ETEC00.065	19jul
MM62029			Falcon 50	93°Gr		20jul
ZJ139			T.Squirrel HCC1	32(TR)sq	19jul
ZJ267/67, ZJ269/69	Squirrel HT1	DHFS		19/20jul
G-AMRA			C-47B		Air Atlantique	19jul
G-AWLO			PT-13D Kaydet	ex 42-17400	19jul
G-BLRA			BAe146-100			19jul
G-CIVX			B747-436	British Airways	19jul
G-FIRM			Ce550 Bravo			19jul
G-MAJC			BAe4100		Eastern Aw	19jul
N5GV			G-V				19jul
N7070A			Ce550				19jul
PH-DDZ			DC-3C		DDA		19jul
PH-KXM			Fokker 50	KLM Cityhopp.	19jul

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