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Valley 1973

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Date: 11 August 1973

Made by: Alan Macey


XJ764,XP361          		Whirlwind HAR.10    	22 Sq C Flt
XP360/V,XR485/Q  		Whirlwind HAR.10    	CFS
WL626/P,WJ943/R,WF331/M 	Varsity T.1   		6 FTS
XW373/11,XW363/2,XW354/7	J.Provost T.5  		RQFC 'The Poachers'
XW359/4,XW357/5,XW336/6		J.Provost T.5  		RQFC 'The Poachers'
XM453/20   			J.Provost T.3   	3 FTS
XS737/K, XS712/A  		Dominie T.1  		6 FTS
XM599  				Vulcan B.2  		Wadd Wg
XV585/P, XV573/L  		Phantom FG.1  		43 Sq
WP789/4  			Chipmunk T.10   	10 AEF
WA991/F  			Meteor U.16    		RAE Llanbedr
WD702/U 			Meteor NF.11 		dump
XV713/BL-412  			SeaKing HAS.1  		820 Sq
XS542/441   			Wasp HAS.1   		829 Sq
XR756/M   			Lightning F.6  		23 Sq
XT270    			Buccaneer S.2  		237 OCU
XH304   			Vampire T.11   		CFS
WA669  				Meteor T.7   		CFS
XW917/L, XV741/A  		Harrier GR.1  		3 Sq
XP536/27, XR996/66, XR535/05	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XR953/29, XP530/64, XP504/04	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XM709/09, XR983/53, XP535/54	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XP537/07, XR954/30, XS109/63	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XP541/41, XR998/47, XR571/23	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XP532/32, XS102/58, XM706/12	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XP500/50, XP538/38, XR977/46	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XR537/37, XP508/21, XP502/02	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XP540/40, XP511/11, XP533/33	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XM705/10, XS104/44, XR537/31	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XS100/57, XR574/24, XR534/65	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XP506/06, XM708/18, XR951/26	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XR569/08, XR538/01, XR984/52	Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
XR948/28			Gnat T.1  		4 FTS
WV372/85, XL596/90, XL597/87	Hunter T.7   		4 FTS
XL565/89, XL613/91, XL609/80	Hunter T.7   		4 FTS
XG209/69, XG185/74, XF509/73	Hunter F.6  		4 FTS
XG274/71, XF527/70, XF383/72	Hunter F.6  		4 FTS
XF526/78, XE656/76  		Hunter F.6  		4 FTS
XF387/77, XF384			Hunter F.6		wreck
PA474				Lancaster

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