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Waddington 2005

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Date: 2 July 2005

Made by: David Miller


XH134			Canberra PR.9		1(PRU) Sqn.	                
ZA674		        Chinook HC.2	        27 Sqn.	                       
XS727	D	        Domini T.1	        55(R) Sqn.	               
ZG471	61A	        Harrier GR.7A	        1 Sqn.	                       
ZG478		        Harrier GR.9A	        FJW OEU	                       
XX205		        Hawk T.1A	        208(R) Sqn.	               
XX278	CD	        Hawk T.1A	        100 Sqn.	               
XX752	EK	        Jaguar GR.3A	        6 Sqn.	                       
XZ113		        Jaguar GR.3A	        FJW OEU	                       
XZ114	EO	        Jaguar GR.3A	        6 Sqn.	                       
XV249		        Nimrod R.1	        51 Sqn.	                       
XV230		        Nimrod MR.2	        Kinloss Wing	               
XW231		        Puma HC.1	        230 Sqd.	               
ZH103	03	        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.	               
ZH106	06	        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.	               
ZH107	07	        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.	               
ZE887	XI	        Tornado F.3	        11 Sqn.	                       
ZE982	VV	        Tornado F.3	        25 Sqn.	                       
ZH554		        Tornado F.3	        FJW OEU	                       
ZA543	FF	        Tornado GR.4	        12 Sqn.	                       
ZD739		        Tornado GR.4	        FJW OEU	                       
ZG756	BX	        Tornado GR.4	        14 Sqn.	                       
ZA373	H	        Tornado GR.4A	        2 Sqn.	                       
ZF269	269	        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                       
ZJ912	AB	        Typhoon F.2	        17(R) OEU	               
ZD240	M	        VC-10   K.4	        101 Sqn.	               
XX478	CU564	        Jetstream T.2	        750 Sqd.	               
ZD255	422	        Lynx HAS.3S	        815 Sqn.	               
ZH849	R584	        Merlin HM.1	        824 Sqn.	               
XV697	CU181	        Sea King ASaC.7	        849 Sqn.	               
ZJ172		        Apache AH.1	        664 Sqn.	               
ZJ232		        Apache AH.1	        664 Sqn.	               
ZJ235	I	        Griffin HT.1	        60(R) Sqn.	               
G-BWXD	D	        T-67M Firefly	        DEFTS	                       
G-BWXM	M	        T-67M Firefly	        DEFTS	                       
G-BYVA	VA	        G.115 Tutor	        CFS 	                       
G-RAFK		        B.200 King Air	        45(R) Sqn.	               
N24-012	81	        S-70B-2 Seahawk	        816 Sqn. R.A.N.	               
E103	314-UA	        Alphajet		L'Ecole de L'Aviation de Chasse
627	3-JL	        Mirage 2000N	        EC02.003	               
44+78		        Tornado			jbG31	                                
614		        F-16D	                343 Mira	        
407		        An-26	                59th SZD RB	        
Q-14		        AH-64D	                301 Sqn.	        
Q-17		        AH-64D	                301 Sqn.	        
1114		        M-28 Bryza-1R		30 DLOT	                        
810		        An-26			Grupul 90   F.A.R.	                
5724		        Mig-21 Lancer C		Grupul 86   F.A.R.	        
6305		        Mig-21 Lancer C		Grupul 86   F.A.R.	        
6707		        Mig-21 Lancer C		Grupul 86   F.A.R.	        
6807		        Mig-21 Lancer C		Grupul 86   F.A.R.	        
67-0274		        F-4E			173 Filo	                        
68-0350		        F-4E	                173 Filo	        
98-0132	LN	        F-15E	                492nd.FS  48th FW.	
98-0134	LN	        F-15E	                492nd.FS  48th FW.	
63-8871		        KC-135R		        351st ARS. 100th ARW.        
R4118	UP-W	        Hurricane 1		G-HUPW	                        
MJ627	9G-P	        Spitfire IXT		G-BMSB	                        
XL573		        Hunter T.7		G-BVGH	                        
XM479		        Jet Provost T.3A	G-BVEZ	                
XR538	01	        Gnat T.1		G-RORI	                        
XW433		        Jet Provost T.5A	G-JPRO	                
XX573	B	        Bulldog T.1		G-EDAV	                        
ZA634	C	        Venture T.12		G-BUHA	                        
Flightline/Flying Aircraft:
ZH875			Chinook HC.2		18 Sqn.                        
ZD407	36	        Harrier GR.7	        20(R) Sqn                 
ZG472	62A	        Harrier GR.7A	        20(R) Sqn                 
XX245		        Hawk T.1	        208(R) Sqn.               
XX309		        Hawk T.1	        208(R) Sqn.               
ZH888		        Hercules C.5	        LTW                         
XZ372	FV	        Jaguar GR.3A	        41 Sqn.                     
XZ385	FT	        Jaguar GR.3A	        41 Sqn.                     
ZJ127	L	        Merlin HC.3	        28 Sqn.                     
XW664		        Nimrod R.1	        51 Sqn.                     
XW220		        Puma HC.1	        33 Sqn.                     
ZH101		        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.                  
ZH102		        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.                  
ZH104		        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.                  
ZG772	WJ	        Tornado F.3	        56(R) Sqn.                
ZG774	WK	        Tornado F.3	        56(R) Sqn.	            
ZA459	F	        Tornado GR.4	        15(R) Sqn.	            
ZD843	TG	        Tornado GR.4	        15(R) Sqn.	            
ZF244		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                    
ZF513		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                    
ZJ806	BE	        Typhoon T.1	        29(R) Sqn.	            
ZJ810	BI	        Typhoon T.1	        29(R) Sqn.	            
ZD990	721	        Harrier T.8	        801 Sqn.   899Sqn. Markings	
XZ233	644	        Lynx HAS.3S	        702 Sqn.	            
XZ729	417	        Lynx HMA.8DSP	        702 Sqn.	            
ZE690	L003	        Sea Harrier F/A.2	801 Sqn.  	       
ZH797	L000	        Sea Harrier F/A.2	801 Sqn.  	       
ZH811	L005	        Sea Harrier F/A.2	801 Sqn.  	       
ZH813	L006	        Sea Harrier F/A.2	801 Sqn.  	       
XR379		        Alouette AH.2		AACHF	                       
XR244		        Auster AOP.9	        AACHF	               
XP820		        Beaver AL.2	        AACHF                  
WD325		        Chipmunk T.10	        AACHF                  
XT626		        Scout AH.1	        AACHF                  
XT131		        Sioux AH.1	        AACHF                  
PA474		        Lancaster	        BoBMF                  
		        Spitfire	        BoBMF                  
		        Hurricane	        BoBMF                  
FA-119		        F-16A			31 Sml		                       
FA-133		        F-16A			31 Sml		                       
MT-13		        CM.170 Magister		7 Sml		               
MT-48		        CM.170 Magister		7 Sml		               
E49	314-LB		Alphajet		L'Ecole de L'Aviation de Chasse	
E153	314-TG		Alphajet		L'Ecole de L'Aviation de Chasse	
27		        Mig-29UB		59th SZD RB		       
016		        CN.295			13 PLT		                       
019, 041, 042, 044	PZL-130 TC-1		"Team Orlik"
045, 046, 048, 049	PZL-130 TC-1		"Team Orlik"
050			PZL-130 TC-1		"Team Orlik"					
A-904, A-906, A-908	Pilatus PC-7		"Swiss PC-7 Team"
A-913, A-917, A-927	Pilatus PC-7		"Swiss PC-7 Team"
A-929, A-933, A-935	Pilatus PC-7		"Swiss PC-7 Team"
A-936			Pilatus PC-7		"Swiss PC-7 Team"	
XX403, XX447		Gazelle AH.1		671 Sqd. "Blue Eagles"
XX448, XZ338		Gazelle AH.1		671 Sqd. "Blue Eagles"
ZD281 			Lynx AH.7		671 Sqd. "Blue Eagles"
JY-RNA, JY-RNE		Extra 300		"Royal Jordanian Falcons"
JY-RNG, JY-RNL		Extra 300		"Royal Jordanian Falcons"					

ZH105			Sentry AEW.1		8/23 Sqns.	In Hanger
XM407			Vulcan B.2		Preserved
XV497	D		Phantom FGR.2		Preserved
XT430			Wasp HAS.1		G-RIMM	

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